We have found 614 slave deeds in Randolph County

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Book, page Date Grantor Grantee Type Notes Amount
Book 1 page 210September 19, 1794John ArnoldClement Arnoldbill of saleNegro boy called Austan, 13£5
Book 5 page 140October 4, 1793Joseph KerrWilliam Kerrdeed of giftGirl by the name of Leah given as gift to son-
Book 6 page 3August 5, 1794Solomon FullerAvent Fuller, Britton Fuller, Soloman Fuller, William Fuller, John Fuller, Ransom Fuller, Alsey Fuller, Isaac Fuller, Charlot Fuller, Sarah Fuller, Gilley Fullerdeed of giftSlaves given as gifts from Solomon Fuller to sons and daughters: to Owent Fuller a boy named George; to Britton a boy named Charles; to namesake son Solomon a girl named Isbell; to William a girl named Tuebey[unclear]; to John a boy named James; to Ransom and Alfred and Jesse a "Negro wench named Tab[unclear] & a Negro wench named Rose & her increase to be equally divided"; to Charlotte a girl named Bridget; to Sarah a girl named Amy; to Gilley a girl named Lily-
Book 6 page 11May 13, 1795William FieldRobert Fieldbill of saleNegro boy about 8 named Rube. Grantee is of Guilford County30 pounds 7 shillings
Book 6 page 31December 25, 1795John ArnoldWhitlock Arnoldbill of saleNegro woman named Jean and child named Anekey£100
Book 6 page 49September 17, 1794Ephraim AndrewsJohn Harveybill of saleNegro fellow named Getter[unclear]£60
Book 6 page 62February 28, 1795John ArnoldJohn Mossbill of saleNegro man slave named Coyas[unclear], 42, and Negra woman slave named Fillis, 26£110
Book 6 page 63February 27, 1795John ArnoldWhitlock Arnoldbill of saleNegro man named Tom£123
Book 6 page 143March 14, 1795Armistiad FllippenEmsley Parkbill of saleNegro girl named Jeney, 10. Grantor is of Caswell County$150
Book 6 page 151August 18, 1795Simeon Geron, SheriffWilliam Bellbill of saleThree Negro men: Tom, Jran, and Anekey, sold to the highest bidder to satisfy judgment against John Arnold£[unclear]
Book 6 page 154September 2, 1794John ClarkSimeon Geronbill of saleNegro boy slave named Tom. Grantee was sheriff at the time£40
Book 6 page 171January 4, 1796David MeridithSimon Geronbill of salewoman slave named Betty about 19 "and all of her future increase" sold. Note that the grantee was sheriff from 1790 to 1800. Grantee may be an alternate spelling of Simeon Geron, sheriff. £100
Book 7 page 79October 18, 1796Simeon GeronJohn McDanielbill of salewoman named Betty, 20, and all her "further increase". Grantor appears to be the Sheriff of Randolph County at the time, but the slave was apparently sold in his personal capacity£100
Book 7 page 94November 21, 1796James and Susa HuttonJohn Coblebill of saleNegro woman named Easter. Grantors are of Chatham County.£85
Book 7 page 170February 17, 1797Walter BraleyBenjamin Meansbill of saleNegro man named Rome, about 25$280
Book 7 page 170February 25, 1797Simeon GeronJoab Bagleybill of saleNegro woman slave named Joan and boy child named Hardy. Grantee is indexed as Jacob Bagley£150
Book 7 page 208May 29, 1797George DonaldReuben Woodbill of saleNegro man slave named [unclear], 31. Grantee https://www.ncpedia.org/biography/wood-reuben£100
Book 7 page 240November 18, 1797Thomas Jones [unclear]John McDanielbill of saleNegro woman Jenney$200
Book 7 page 240August 26, 1797John KivettWilliam Hoff[unclear]bill of saleNegro boy about 7 named Frank. Grantor is of Orange County£121
Book 7 page 281October 29, 1797David CobleLeonard Foxbill of saleNegro woman named Nanee, about 16. Grantor is of Guilford County£112
Book 7 page 283December 27, 1797Soloman PoarchJesse Julionbill of saleNegro male slave named Tomson$175
Book 7 page 283March 6, 1797James GanettJames Wisebill of saleNegro man slave named Glasgo. Indexed as James Gossett to James Weir£100
Book 7 page 325?George McCullok, atty at lawJohn Vance & Co.bill of saleNegro boy named Jim, about 14. No date; registered 1798125 pounds
Book 7 page 329December 27, 1797Solomon PoarchRebecca, Payton, and Prissilla Poarchdeed of giftTo Rebecca: Grace, about 6, a child of Rose. To Payton: Stafford Stafford, 3, a son of Rose. To Prissilla: Patt, about 4, a daughter of Rose. The slaves are reserved to grantor's wife Hannah during her lifetime.-
Book 7 page 332April 28, 1798William FentressJesse Julionbill of saleNegro girl named Rosella£125
Book 7 page 332May 18, 1797John Vance & Co.Simeon Geronbill of saleNegro boy named Jim, about 14£125
Book 8 page 24December 22, 1795George GeeSamuel Park, Sr.deedNegro fellow named Daniel, a blacksmith, about 25. Grantor is of Chatham County£135
Book 8 page 49October 27, 1799Jesse VestalSimeon Geronbill of saleNegro girl named Nancy, 11$210
Book 8 page 49February 2, 1799William Bell, Thomas CarsonAbraham Gossettbill of saleNegro girl named [unclear], from estate of Richard Lyons, sold publicly in Lexingtonunspecified
Book 8 page 56January 16, 1798William FentressJesse Vestalbill of saleNegro girl named Niomy$200
Book 8 page 59November 27, 1798David MeredithJohn Mossbill of saleNegro girl slave named Janey$240
Book 8 page 96June 3, 1799Benjamin HideChristian Morrisbill of saleNegro woman named Jenney, about 17$310
Book 8 page 119May 25, 1799Benjamin HideJeduthan Harperbill of saleNegro woman named Chenia. Grantor is of Camden County$290
Book 8 page 119May 30, 1799Frederick MillarEmsley Parkbill of saleNegro boy named Gill, 13. Grantor is of Roan County.$300
Book 8 page 147December 12, 1799Thomas H PerkinsJohn Hammerbill of salebill of sale of a "Negro girl named Chane suposed to be about Ten years old"£125
Book 8 page 148June 4, 1799Benjamin HideIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro boy slave called Willis aged 2 years$80
Book 8 page 148August 27, 1798David MeridethZebedee Wood, Sr.bill of saleNegro girl slave Hannah, 12. See also https://randolphhistory.wordpress.com/tag/zebedee-wood/$250
Book 8 page 155April 4, 1800Walter BennettJohn Jonesbill of saleNegro boy called Glascoe between 11 and 12$275
Book 8 page 158September 18, 1799James Hutton, Susanna HuttonMason Tapleybill of saleNegro girl named Dina. Grantors are of Guilford County, indexed as James & Lusey Hutton$150
Book 8 page 161March 30, 1796Haman MillerJohn Connerbill of saleNegro male named David£100
Book 8 page 162June 6, 1799Jacob BrowerJesse Julianbill of saleNegro girls Becky and Jude$300
Book 8 page 163October 9, 1799James Langley, Jacob MooreMason Tapleybill of saleNegro male named Jack$280
Book 8 page 178June 6, 1800Isaac Lane, SheriffJohn Fruitbill of saleFemale Negro slave named Sitty sold to highest bidder to pay debt of Nathaniel Cunningham, as ordered by Caswell County court$291.50
Book 8 page 185September 2, 1800John KentJohn Mossbill of saleNegro boy named Phill, 7200 Spanish Mill dollars
Book 8 page 205February 2, 1799John GravesJames Presnellbill of saleFour Negroes: a fellow named July, a "wench" named Clad, a male named Petter, and a girl named Mary£1330
Book 8 page 226January 28, 1801Josiak Welsborne[unclear]Benjamin Wardbill of saleNegro girl named Anisa£125
Book 8 page 233August 19, 1800Isaac LaneEdmond Haysbill of saleNegro boy named Willis about 3 years 6 months. Grantee indexed as Hayes$100
Book 8 page 242March 7, 1804Charles ParishThomas Matthewsbill of saleNegro girl slave named Betsey, about 10225 Spanish Mill dollars
Book 8 page 266July 2, 1801Thomas RivesJohn Staleybill of saleNegro man named Step $400
Book 8 page 273January 1, 1804James RobersonIsaac Lanebill of saleThree Negroes: woman named Aneca[unclear], 26; boy named Willis, 3; and girl named Selve, 7 months. Grantor is of Guilford County465 silver dollars
Book 8 page 286September 7, 1801Solomon GoodmanBenjamin Wardbill of saleNegro woman named Mill, 23, and child named Cheney, 1. Grantor is of Roan County£200
Book 8 page 351February 10, 1803George LucasJohn Lucasbill of saleNegro male slave named Simon$300
Book 8 page 360April 29, 1800William FoxSamuel Trogdonbill of sale(top) Negro woman slave named Tamer and child named Stephen$400
Book 8 page 360December 19, 1797William FoxJohn Mossbill of sale(middle top) Negro child named Nance, about 14, and Negro child named Joe, about 6£200
Book 8 page 360January 23, 1799William FoxJohn Mossbill of saleNegro boy named Frank, 10 or 11£110
Book 8 page 392January 16, 1804William WatkinsAlexander Graybill of saleNegro named Nat, 15 or thereabouts$350
Book 8 page 395August 2, 1790John StanfieldGeorge Lucasbill of saletwo Negroes, Bet and Rachel£140
Book 8 page 407April 4, 1804Josah LambIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro boy Dunk[unclear], about 12. Grantor indexed as Josiah Lamb£150
Book 8 page 426August 6, 1804Fredrick FarmerSamuel Steeddeed of gifttwo Negroes, one [unclear] named Do[unclear] and one boy named Mint[unclear]-
Book 8 page 426August 6, 1804Fredrick FarmerBenjamin Steeddeed of giftNegro girl about 12 named Becka[unclear]-
Book 8 page 432January 16, 1802Bebby BrooksHenry Bransonbill of saleNegro woman named Philis, about 23, and her two children, Decey, about 7, and Nancy, about 4
Book 8 page 4341792Samuel Dick, William Stiles, Rober WilliamsWilliam Couthain[unclear]bill of saleNegro woman Affee nand two children, Tom and Nelley. Missing month.£105 Virginia
Book 8 page 436March 2, 1804David SpenceZachariah Lindleybill of saleNegro man named Abraham, who was previous willed from Joseph Pence, deceased to Elizabeth Banes and Ester Lambert, wife of David Spence101 pounds 5 shilings
Book 8 page 440February 13, 1804James SawyerZachariah Lindleybill of saleInterest in Negro man named Abraham, previously willed by Joseph Parrey to Elizabeth Baines and Hester Lambert and deeded to grantor on March 10, 1801 by Benjamin Buress and Elizabeth Burress (see below)$140
Book 8 page 440February 18, 1804Benjamin Burris, Elizabeth BurrisZachariah Lindleybill of saleHalf interest in the Negro man named Abraham$140
Book 8 page 457September 24, 1804Hector McNeillIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro woman named Minny, 16. Grantor is of Person County$350
Book 8 page 519March 16, 1803John WoodThomas Saxtonbill of saleWoman about 25 named Lil400 Spanish Mill dollars
Book 8 page 520July 18, 1805Thomas SaxtonDaniel Dawsonbill of saleLil, apparently the same woman in previous deed$400
Book 8 page 521February 18, 1805William Fields, Sr.William Fields, Jr.deed of giftNegro girl named Bet-
Book 8 page 522February 15, 1805William Fields, Sr.Jeremiah Fieldsdeed of giftNegro boy named Tony-
Book 8 page 522February 14, 1805William Fields, Sr.Jereiah Fieldsdeed of giftNegro boy named Ter-
Book 9 page 244June 16, 1802Mary BurrowJohn Welbornbill of saleNegro girl slave named Selah, 11 months old$70
Book 9 page 296December 25, 1802Samuel LedfordJohn Clarkbill of saleNegro slave named Bill, 24$400
Book 9 page 304February 23, 1803Gardner NeedhamJohn Lowdermilkbill of saleNegro woman named Elsey$400
Book 9 page 408February 8, 1802Caleb RidgeJohn Brower, Jr.bill of saleNegro girl slave named Melas, about 5$100
Book 9 page 476March 18, 1803John BrowerPricilla Hallbill of saleNegro girl named Melas, about 6$110
Book 9 page 476June 10, 1803Daniel CoxRichard Gravesbill of saleNegro boy named Anthony£60
Book 11 page 2February 5, 1806Augustine ScuddyAlexander Graybill of saleboy between 12 and 13 named Daniel$353
Book 11 page 34July 3, 1794John ThompsonSamuel Walkerbill of salebill of sale for a girl 10 years old named Sod65 pounds
Book 11 page 34April 3, 1806Adam BrowerSamuel Walkerbill of saleNegro man slave named Henry aged 19400 Spanish Mill dollars
Book 11 page 62May 3, 1805Mary BurrowAbraham Gerenbill of saleNegro boy named Samuel, 2$75
Book 11 page 64August 7, 1806Isaac Lane, sheriffPeter Wrightbill of saleNegro woman named Rachel sold to pay judgment against William Brown£105
Book 11 page 138January 21, 1806Rachel WeissJohn Brower, Sr. bill of saleFive Negro slaves named Mille, Charlotte, Jane[unclear] Dee, Ann, Denson[unclear]£500
Book 11 page 148June 12, 1802James TheyerJesse Honisdeed of giftNegro man named Elijah, about 19-
Book 11 page 180May 19, 1807Whitlock ArnoldIsaac Jacksonbill of saleNegro girl slave named Silvey, about 7$250
Book 11 page 193May 16, 1809John McDanielElizabeth Chaplaindeed of giftNegro man named Toney; Negro woman named Hanah and her child named Els-
Book 11 page 224January 28, 1808William HoganBenjamin Wardbill of saleboy named Clabon$240
Book 11 page 235October 30, 1808Jacob HumbleWilliam Suggbill of saleMulatto woman named Channity, about 20. She is also described as a Negro.$300
Book 11 page 253April 25, 1808William BrownBenjamin Wardbill of saleboy named Sam, about 6$180
Book 11 page 265August 8, 1807Jacob FoutsWilliam Coulthambill of saleTwo Negroes, Susanar and child named Sony$500
Book 11 page 267November 3, 1809John FruitElizabeth Fruitbill of saleNegro woman named Set and her two children, Abrane and Elick[unclear]$400
Book 11 page 273May 24, 1808Simon GunnJoseph Staleybill of sale"one Negro man slave named Jim"450 silver dollars
Book 11 page 274August 4, 1808Isaac Lane, sheriffJesse Harrisbill of saleNegro male named Stephen, previously owned by surety George Riley, deceased, sold to satisfy judgment against John Albertson$20
Book 11 page 274April 5, 1804Edward DavisJoseph Staleybill of saleNegro girl named Molly$270
Book 11 page 274May 22, 1808(unspecified)William K Woodbill of saleNegro girl slave named Tishe[unclear]$150
Book 11 page 275February 11, 1807Samuel WalkerIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro man named Harry about 20$400
Book 11 page 276December 26, 1807Edward Chambers, sheriffEliza Allenpartition in kindDivision of estate of John Allen. To Eliza Allen: six Negroes, London, [unclear], Cesar, Jenny, Lucy, Fann. Grantor is sheriff of Roan County
Book 11 page 288August 4, 1808Jesse HarrisElizabeth Rileybill of saleNegro man slave named Stephen, about 18$350
Book 11 page 289July 27, 1808Elizabeth FullerBrittain Fullerdeed of giftNegro boy slave named Lewis, 6 next October-
Book 11 page 315May 12, 1808William WilliamsJames Lowebill of saleNegro boy Ve[unclear]t, 14$350
Book 11 page 319February 6, 1807John ClarkJames Lowbill of saleNegro man named Pime, 35, sold from estate of Robert Clark, deceased. Grantee indexed as James Lowe$400
Book 11 page 319October 12, 1808William BrownBenjamin Wardbill of saleNegro boy named Jones, about 13. Grantor is agent for Samuel Brown$325
Book 11 page 324October 1, 1808Moses GranthamJonathan Lewallenbill of saleNegro slave named Thomas$330
Book 11 page 326February 8, 1809George Bennett, William BrownJesse Harperbill of saleNegro boy slave named Jack, about 12$325
Book 11 page 382September 1, 1808John LowdermilkJohn Cassadybill of saleMulatta woman named Winney and her chid named Esex£200
Book 11 page 385January 31, 1810Elizabeth BartonWillis Bartonbill of saleNegro woman named Margrett and her child Dolley[appears below as Polly]; Negro woman named Sally, aged 18 in August 1809$600
Book 11 page 409September 8, 1809Dobson BurrowHenry Burrowbill of saleNegro fellow named Charles$400
Book 11 page 418April 6, 1810Whitlock ArnoldIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro girl slave named Nancy, 11$560
Book 11 page 418April 10, 1810John GoodmanAbigail Burrowdeed of giftNegro boy Jerey, who was born of Edy on March 22, 1810 (which implies he is less than a month old), given to grantor's daughter; to be passed in turn to grandchild, Dobson Burrow.-
Book 11 page 420May 26, 1810William BrownThomas Fruitbill of saleNegro boy named Jack, 7$220
Book 11 page 426May 29, 1810Haman MillerJames Millerbill of saleNegro girl slave named Hanning[unclear], about 9$180
Book 11 page 430May 26, 1810William Brown, Solomon SilerSamuel Allenbill of saleTwo Negro boy slaves: Luies[unclear], age t[unclear] and Sampson, 7. Solomon Siler is of Chatham County$500
Book 12 page 33July 14, 1809Dobson BurrowNancy Burrowdeed of giftone Negro slave named Doctor[unclear] given to grantor's mother-
Book 12 page 48July 9, 1819William HoganSolomon H Goodmanbill of saleNegro boys John, 10, and Archer, 8$525
Book 12 page 59July 11, 1811Haman Miller Sr, Francis MillerNaman Miller, Jr.deed of giftT[unclear] aged about 32; S[unclear] about 22-
Book 12 page 59August 14, 1810Joseph RobinsSamuel Smittermanbill of saleNegro girl named Charity[unclear]$100
Book 12 page 60August 4, 1811Haman Miller, Frances MillerArchibald Fuller, Martha Fullerdeed of giftNegro slaves Nancey and her four children, Simon[unclear], Derrick[unclear], Celia, Bole[unclear], and Hannah-
Book 12 page 98January 1, 1812John CassadyJeremiah Nelsonbill of saleNegro female named Dinah. Grantee is of Moore County$110
Book 12 page 116June 17, 1812Gilbert GraySusana Welbornbill of saleNegro girl named Hetley$100
Book 12 page 133September 3, 1812William MoodyJohn Spoonbill of saleNegro man named Ned, about 36$370
Book 12 page 134May 5, 1812Joseph RobinsWilliam Wooddeed of giftNegro slave named Centhia, about 5, given to son-in-law-
Book 12 page 135November 9, 1811Tidence LaneJohn Cassadybill of saleNegro boy slave named Jim, about 4$170
Book 12 page 144October 23, 1812Anderson JohnstonJoshua Cravenbill of saleNegro man slave named Haney, 17, and Negro woman slave named Crity[unclear], 16$750
Book 12 page 152March 26, 1812Samuel CharlesHenry [unclear]otherPower of attorney relating to "black people"/"negroes" Ephrain and Daniel, also known as Ephrain Charles and D[unclear] Charles, for the purpose of "protect"ing them and providing them privileges "as far as is consistent with the Laws of North Carolina". Looks unusual and interesting but difficult to read
Book 12 page 166March 2, 1813John WrennNathaniel Yorkbill of saleone Negro girl named Jenny$240
Book 12 page 171May 1, 1813Richard TomlinsonJames Goodwin Tomlinsonapprenticeship bondthree Negroes: Nancey, about 5; Mariah, about 3; and Janus[unclear] about 18 months
Book 12 page 196October 10, 1812John Sellers, William Brown, Solomon SellersNicholas Amickbill of saleNegro girl named Caty, about 21. Grantor appears to be incorrectly indexed as Littler$350
Book 12 page 196February 27, 1813Dawson (various heirs)Samuel Lindseyemancipation of slave(s)Emancipation of "Negro fellow Bole" after the death of his master, Daniel Dawson, for "faithful and meritorious services". A group of people paid $400 for him and appoint Samuel Lindsey of Guilford County to petition the court in Randolph County for Bole's emancipation.$400
Book 12 page 197?Archibald SellersThomas Matthewsbill of saleNegro man named Haney, about 25, sold by grantor of Bladen County. Missing year of sale; recorded in 1812 but indexed as 1801 with Grantor spelled Sellars.$350
Book 12 page 204March 30, 1818Hezekiah WheelerJohn Goodmanbill of saleNegro man slave named Zeek[unclear] about 30 or 35. Grantor is of Northampton County, North Carolina$400
Book 12 page 204June 2, 1809Hannah Allison, WIllibee NicholsJoseph Allred[unclear]bill of sale"Negro wench named Judy"$312
Book 12 page 217March 27, 1818John HawkinsJacob Varner, Sr.bill of saleNegro man named [unclear] and Negro woman named Jane[unclear]
Book 12 page 225July 2, 1814Joseph Haskettemancipation of slave(s)Emancipation of Negro woman slave named Sarah and her child Peter, "believing it to be a Natural Right for all Mankind to Enjoy freedom"
Book 12 page 243January 31, 1814William BellGeorge Searsbill of saleto him for his wife a girl of his coulor[unclear] named Filla[unclear]. Described as "yallow"$300
Book 12 page 248September 9, 1813Phillip Harvey Sr, Jeffrey Harvey, Phillip Harvey Jr.Thomas Lowbill of saleNegro girl named Doras[unclear] about 17 or 18$350
Book 12 page 254September 7, 1813James MillerJames Woodbill of saleNegro girl named [unclear]y, about 12$300
Book 12 page 256November 3, 1813Fredrick FarmerBenjamin Steed, Samuel Steed, Collin Steed, Mark Steeddeed of giftNegro slaves: Lukey, Dil, Adam, M[unclear]ter, Milley, Isaac, Ned, Tomer[unclear], Darkas, Daphny, Dollah, Leon, and Hector-
Book 12 page 268June 7, 1813John CusterSamuel Custerbill of saleNegro man named Ben, about 30$500
Book 12 page 2761814Joseph RobinsSeth Wadebill of saleSeven Negro slaves Amy, Lucy, James, Frank, Arterbell, Polly, and Manuel$800
Book 12 page 298September 15, 1814Martha WoodJames H. Wooddeed of giftNegro slaves Bet[unclear] about 32, and Chaney, her daughter, about 13, conveyed with personal property-
Book 12 page 299September 3, 1814Samuel Steed, Collin SteedMark Steedbill of saleNegro girl named Lanier, about 13. as previously given by Fredrick Farmer to his sons on November 5, 1813.$850
Book 12 page 300September 3, 1814Benjamin Steed, Mark Steed, Collin SteedSamuel Steedbill of saleNegro man named Isaac, between 17 and 18, who was previously given from Fredrick Farmer to his sons in November 1813$350
Book 12 page 302September 16, 1814Peter Miller, Haman Miller, James Miller, Archibald Fuller, Martha & Jacob MillerHenry F. Wade, Sarah Wadedeed of giftNegro girl about 11 or 12 named Jude-
Book 12 page 307February 15, 1813George SpenceThomas Elliottbill of saleNegro woman named Anne, about 30$280
Book 12 page 328September 4, 1813William Brown, Solomon Siler and Andrew SilerHugh Walkerbill of salea Negro girl named Margett about 4 years old$150
Book 12 page 328September 30, 1814Benjamin Steed, Samuel Steed, Mark SteedColin Steedbill of saleNegro woman 18 or 19 named Milleh[unclear]. Reference to deed of gift on Book 12 page 256; this may be the Milley mentioned there.$350
Book 12 page 328September 2, 1818William Brown, Andrew and Solomon SilerSamuel Walker, Jr.bill of saleNegro girl named Cote, about 7$200
Book 12 page 329September 3, 1814Samuel, Mark, and Collin SteedBenjamin Steedbill of saleA Negro boy named Ned, 14 or 15$350
Book 13 page 24January 29, 1814William CarrJohn Carrdeed of giftNegro boy named Ben-
Book 13 page 28November 21, 1815Matthew LemonsJesse ShawotherRevocation of power of attorney dated April 21, 1815 relating to Negro woman named Hannah, in the estate of John Lemons, deceased.
Book 13 page 47May 9, 1816Colin SteedIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro girl named Chaney[unclear]$350
Book 13 page 64May 10, 1816Zimri ElliottIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro girl named Fanny, about 6$200
Book 13 page 65December 5, 1816Haman Miller, James Miller, Jacob Miller, Archibald Fuller, Henry F. Wade, Peter MillerWilliam Ridgebill of saleNegro man named Jack, about 17$475
Book 13 page 66January 29, 1816Jeremiah YorkHezekiah Nalorbill of saleNegro slaves: Rose, 27; Liz, 11; Jack, 9; Patience, 7; and Jacob, 4$800
Book 13 page 75November 19, 1813Lewis HornadyJohn Longbill of saleNegro woman named Charlotte, 26; her son Jack, 5; and her two daughters Bit, 4, and Lal, 1. Grantor is of Orange County, indexed as Honrady (possible typo)$500
Book 13 page 91March 30, 1813William BrownBenjamin Elliottbill of saleNegro woman named Louisey, 19$350
Book 13 page 94September 11, 1800Clayton SteedJonah Reavesbill of saleNegro woman named Haqan$350
Book 13 page 99June 3, 1816Joshua LeeBanshiba Warddeed of giftNegro girl named Nancy conveyed along with a horse and furniture-
Book 13 page 101January 15, 1815Jeduthan HarperJesse Harperdeed of trustNegro slaves named Fand and Silvey. This deed is referenced by a later deed on February 14, 1846.
Book 13 page 103May 5, 1812John Lilon[unclear]Asa McDanielbill of saleNegro girl named L[unclear], about 9$225
Book 13 page 111March 12, 1812John MorrisWilliam Armsteaddeed of giftNegro slaves Sarah, Lindy[unclear], Chind, Huldy[unclear], and Milly released by quitclaim to father-in-law-
Book 13 page 112November 22, 1815John L MorrisIsaac Lane, Joshua Cravendeed of trustTwo Negro men, Esex and Aron used as security for $400 debt. The debt was repaid April 2, 1816
Book 13 page 116July 22, 1816Hezekiah NaylorJre Yorkbill of saleNegro slaves Rose and child Lisa; Jack, Pashens, and Jacob$1000
Book 13 page 141January 20, 1817William Bell, Martha BellMartha Graydeed of giftNegro woman named Anacah; Negro boy named Absolum; Negro girl named Fanny; Negro girl named Mary; Negro girl named Judy[unclear]; and Negro boy named Jacob given as gift to granddaughter-
Book 13 page 143April 15, 1816William Armistead, Elizabeth MorrisEdward Waddillbill of saleNegro girl named Chinaih[unclear]. https://www.clarkemuseum.com/html/william_armistead.html$300
Book 13 page 143September 23, 1816Thomas ParksNathaniel Yorkbill of saleNegro woman slave named Alfey, about 21$500
Book 13 page 144September 23, 1816Thomas ParksLaskins Yorkbill of saleNegro boy named Wilson, about 4$210
Book 13 page 170April 19, 1817Asa MillsArchibald Gaddisbill of saleNegro girl named Lucy, from the estate of George Mills£25
Book 13 page 171May 5, 1817William ArmisteadMartha Waddill, Admond Waddillbill of saleNegro girls Jenny, Lucy, and Winny; and one Negro boy named Nelson
Book 13 page 174August 31, 1816Sally Gaddis, James GaddisArchibald Gaddisbill of saleNegro girl named Lucy, in the possession of Ransom Harris, executor of estate of George Mills, deceasednot stated
Book 13 page 174April 18, 1817Elijah GaddisArchibald Gaddisbill of saleclaim to they Negro girl Lucy referred to in the deed above£25
Book 13 page 175January 31, 1814Ezekiel MillsArchibald Gaddisbill of saleNegro girl named Luci from estate of George Mills, deceased$25
Book 13 page 183August 3, 1814Hezekiah Elliottbill of saleRight to Negroes and Mulattoes in the estate of Esau Lam, deceased, granted to Quakers of the Center Meeting of Friends in Guilford County. Presumable emancipation$250
Book 13 page 185August 6, 1817Jeduthan HarperAbsalom T. Harperdeed of giftNegro man named Bob, about 16, conveyed to grantor's son after death of grantor's daughter Mary-
Book 13 page 195September 19, 1817George ClarkMary Clarkdeed of giftNegro woman named Mill[unclear] and her children: boy named Mills about 10; girl named Judy[unclear] about 15; another girl named Peggy, about 13; boy named [unclear] about 10; girl named [unclear] about 8; girl named Eliza about 4; girl named Milla about 2. Grantor is of Dixon (Dickson) County, Tennessee-
Book 13 page 222January 22, 1818Archiblald Gaddis, John Jackson, Moses Mills, R Karns[unclear]Isaac Kearnsbill of saleNegro girl named Lucy$626
Book 13 page 262September 19, 1817George ClarkJohn and Sarah Allreddeed of giftNegro woman named Vines[unclear]-
Book 13 page 284November 7, 1817Edward BusonVestal Busonbill of saleFive Negro slaves named Nan, Harry, Sall, Jack, Bets, and the rest of Nan's children. Slave named Ann is given to Alford Buson. Grantor is of Surry County. Indexed as Beason or Beeson$1080
Book 13 page 285December 7, 1816Richard CoxIsaac Jacksonbill of saleNegro woman and child named Peg and Ron and Edi.. Grantor is of Rowan County.$625
Book 13 page 295September 20, 1817Samuel CustisJohn Browerbill of saleNegro men named Ben, about 35$575
Book 13 page 316August 19, 1816Joseph DouganMargaret Caldwell, Rachel Caldwellbill of saleNegro woman named Hannah, 18, and a Negro boy, 6 months, owned by William Montgomery and Jane Montgomery, sold to grantees of Tennessee$400
Book 13 page 316July 6, 1818Zebulon Hunt, Pete MyersDavid Wardbill of saleNegro girl named Matly sold from estate of Jacob Myers, deceased$665
Book 13 page 320August 18, 1814Elizabeth BartonArchibald Fergusonbill of salethree Negroes: one woman called Nancy and her two children, Peggy, about 4, and Aron, 18 months$400
Book 13 page 324December 9, 1818Ezra Beckerdite, Faithfull BeckerditeLewis Wardbill of saleNegro man named Isaac and his child Hannah sold to grantee, of Brunswick County$704
Book 13 page 328December 14, 1818Mary WardBenjamin Wardbill of salemale slave named Granville sold from estate of Benjamin Ward, grantor's late husband, presumably grantee's father and namesake$2000 bond
Book 13 page 349May 5, 1815Manering BrookshierIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro man named Midleton, about 18$400
Book 13 page 374April 27, 1819Joseph RobbinsColin Steedbill of saleNegro slaves: Chery, 24; Timy, 9; Sally, 7; Milly, 5$1600
Book 13 page 393August 2, 1819Margaret JordanElizabeth Fullerbill of saleNegro woman slave named Sarah, about 50, who was willed to grantor by grantor's father, Brittain Fuller, deceased300 silver dollars
Book 13 page 393January 1, 1819John Hale[missing]bill of saleNegro man named Glouster$575
Book 13 page 393July 15, 1807William BrownZebedee Woodbill of saleNegro boy called Stephen, 13£150
Book 13 page 394August 2, 1819Elizabeth FulllerMargaret Jordainbill of saleNegro woman named Susannah, about 18, previously owned by Brittain Fuller, deceased$300
Book 13 page 404August 2, 1819Dan MerrellGeorge Davis, Martha Davisbill of saleNegro girl named Lucinda. Grantor indexed as Merrill$30
Book 13 page 416February 20, 1819William BrownMoses Clannets[unclear]bill of saleNegro woman named Chanty and a boy child named Jurri[unclear] and another boy child named Isaac$900
Book 13 page 417May 21, 1819Alexander WellsWhitlock Arnold, Henry Johnsonbill of saleNegro woman named Rachel$250
Book 13 page 423November 28, 1817Joseph RobbinsVestal Beasonbill of saleNegroes Charity and Brantley$750
Book 13 page 423September 5, 1817Siler & SmithAsa McDanielbill of saleTwo Negro girls: Lucy, about 10, and Judy, about 8. Grantor is of Chatham County$675
Book 13 page 423November 19, 1818Augustus B. LongstreetDr David Worthbill of saleNegro man named Isaac. Grantor is of Georgia$892
Book 13 page 475April 3, 1820Mary M VarnerSamuel[unclear] McDanielbill of saleNegro boy Frank, 4, sold at public auction from estate of Jacob Varner, deceasedunspecified
Book 13 page 478April 8, 1820Michael Harvey and John HarveyBenjamin Elliottdeed of trustNegro slaves Shamp?, Judy, Bill, Rachel, Kit, Buur?, and Lara
Book 13 page 480May 3, 1820Joseph Wood, attorneyBenjamin Elliottdeed of trustNegro man slave named Jack, 25?; his wife Sall?, about 25; girl named Lily? about 9; boy Ceaser, 7; girl Jinny? 4; boy Jery? 2. Said slaves in the care of John Wood of Bedford County, Tennessee
Book 13 page 481February 17, 1815Jesse HenlyJesse Shawbill of saleSlaves named Hannah, Buddy, Rayner, Joseph, Jacob, Bartlet, Eloy, Henry, Aron, and Guilbert$500
Book 13 page 482August 1, 1820Samuel ThornJohn Fergusonbill of salebill of sale for apparently the same runaway slave mentioned above, who was previously purchased from Willis Barton. Grantee is of Chatham County. This deed appears below, but is dated earlier a week earlier, August 1st, 1820.$450
Book 13 page 482August 7, 1820John FergusonSolomon Staleybill of salewoman slave named Margrett previously sold in Guilford County, "at present run away and laying out and therefore not present"$450
Book 13 page 493May 3, 1820Joseph Wood, attorney at lawBenjamin Elliottdeed of trustNegro man name Jack, 25; his wife, a Negro woman named [unclear], about 25 or 30; Negro girl named Judy, 9; boy named Cesar? 7; girl named Jiny[unclear], 4; boy named G[unclear], 2. Said slaves are in the care of John Wood of Bedford County, Tennessee. Secured parties William Hogan and [unclear] Guy et. al.
Book 13 page 499November 6, 1819Colin SteedHugh McClaindeed of trustNegro slaves Finch, about 30; and her children, Jenny, 10, Stephen, 8, Patou, 6, and Milly, about 2 and a half. Secured party Jesse Harper
Book 13 page 514August 14, 1819Joseph RobersonHenry Garnerbill of saleNegro named Allen between 19 and 20$600
Book 13 page 522April 7, 1821Joseph WardRobert G. Murdockotherpower of attorney to sell slaves: Jack, Sal, Ceasar, Jenny, George, as well as the increase of Jack and Sal
Book 13 page 522November 1820Benjamin MeansRobert Johnstonbill of saleNegro girl named Hannah and "one negro girl boy[sic] named Cesar"$400
Book 13 page 523April 25, 1817Thomas WaddillAnn & Richard Tomlinsondeed of giftNegro man named Fredrick and Negro woman named Clara and her children, Chatham and Timothy. Date at top of deed says November 1823. Grantor indexed as Waddell-
Book 13 page 529May 16, 1817William & Martha BellJoseph Welborndeed of gift"negro boy named Able son of Fan and he and his mliother being unsucklling that he should go with the said McGee [grantors' grandson William McGee] to Tennessee his place of residence". Note that the transfer is described as a gift, but a nominal price of $400 is also given.-
Book 13 page 531July 25, 1817John StroudVestal Beusondeed of trustNegro man named Edward listed as security for $400 debt. Grantee indexed as Beason
Book 13 page 531October 10, 1818Benjamin SteedIsaac Kearnsbill of saleNegro woman slave named Dafna$450
Book 14 page 16September 1, 1820William PattersonJames Dorsettbill of saleNegro slave named Harrison about 5 years 7 months$150
Book 14 page 17April 3, 1820Mary M VernonJames Dorsettpartition in kindNegro woman named Pol about 23 from estate. Described as a bill of sale, but no amount given
Book 14 page 85July 30, 1831John LowdermilkRichard Tomlinsonbill of saleNegro man named Charles. Part is obscured by a black spot$600
Book 14 page 86November 6, 1821John JonesMartha Yorkbill of saleNegro woman slave named Diner, supposed to be 40. Grantee is wife of Tobias York.$350
Book 14 page 86June 28, 1821Joel BrookshireSeth Wadebill of saleNegro man slave named [unclear], 27 or 28$600
Book 14 page 112May 26, 1820Joseph WoodDavid Kimebill of saleNegro woman named Hannah, 16$400
Book 14 page 112February 22, 1821Elijah and Clary AshworthJeremiah Baleybill of saleNegro boy named Epharain, about 4. It appears two amounts are mentioned, $205 and $505.$205
Book 14 page 113October 2, 1821Robert JohnstonGeorge DavisotherNegro boy named Leaser 4 years old$500
Book 14 page 152January 6, 1821Samuel SmithermanRobert Harveybill of saleThree Negroes: Rachel and her two youngest girls, Binah and Qean[unclear]$573
Book 14 page 158January 1822Peter CravenHannah Braybill of saleNegroe boy slave named BoyLey[unclear] sold for $300 (A bay mare is sold between the same parties below for $35)$300
Book 14 page 158January 5, 1822Jacob StoutNathaniel Yorkbill of salebill of sale for a Negroe woman slave named Roseanah, about 37$300
Book 14 page 161March 5, 1822David KimeNancy Lindseybill of saleNegro woman named Hannah and her child Lucy. Grantee indexed as Lindsay$400
Book 14 page 183March 5, 1815Henry DelamotteWhitlock Arnoldbill of saleNegro girl named Bett[unclear], about 15$600
Book 14 page 184March 1, 1822Dan MerrillJonathan Davis, Rosannah Davisbill of saleNegro girl named Diy[unclear]$40
Book 14 page 185August 8, 1822Clement ArnoldWilliam RIdgebill of saleNegro woman named Milly, about 16$300
Book 14 page 186June 22, 1822Clement ArnoldWilliam Arnoldbill of saletwo Negro girls, Litty[unclear] and [unclear]$125
Book 14 page 186December 15, 1821John LaneJoseph Lanebill of saleNegro slave named Zoey[unclear]$400
Book 14 page 187January 20, 1822Joseph LaneTidence Lanebill of saleNegro slave named Q[unclear]$475
Book 14 page 196March 2, 1822John LaneTidence Lanebill of saleNegro girl slave named Nancy, about 12$400
Book 14 page 251May 28, 1822Isaac Lane, sheriffBenjamin Pagebill of saleNegro slaves of John Harvey and Michael Harvey sold by the sheriff: Rachel and Binet[unclear]$275
Book 14 page 289November 29, 1822James DossettNathan Carrbill of saleNegro boy near 5 named Harrison$200
Book 14 page 291August 23, 1820Colin SteedWhitlock Arnoldbill of saleNegro girl slave named Jean. Also start of another slave deed, continued on the next page.$500
Book 14 page 292October 5, 1822Samuel AstonBenjamin Elliott and Isaac Lanedeed of trustThree Negro girls, Pollay[unclear], Patty, and Jane listed as security for debt of $800 or thereabouts last August
Book 14 page 321May 5, 1823John LaneTidence Lanedeed of giftsix Negro slaves: Filis and her four children, Nalor, Guilford, Fanny, and Stokes; and another male named William-
Book 14 page 330June 15, 1823John Lane, Tidance LaneClare Lanedeed of trustTwo Negro boy slaves, Naylor and Guilford$450
Book 14 page 331May 7, 1823John WilbornJoseph Wilbornbill of saleTwo Neroes, Levy and Sally, left to grantor's wife in the will of William Bell, deceased$25
Book 14 page 331May 7, 1823John WilbornJoseph Wilbornbill of saleNegro man named Harry, 42$25
Book 14 page 332August 6, 1822Catharine BrowerJohn Long, Jrbill of saleNegro man named Jeff[unclear], about 35$350
Book 14 page 332September 5, 1822Shubal GardnerIsaac Lanebill of saleNegro woman named Zala[unclear], about 19, with two children, Jerry and Mairim[unclear]. https://randolphhistory.wordpress.com/tag/shubal-gardner/$600
Book 14 page 334March 5, 1822Alexander Gray, Jr.Jesse Harpermarriage contractNegro slaves Larry[unclear], Daniel, Silvia, Alovy[unclear], and Charles mentioned in agreement following marriage between Alexander Gray and Sarah H. Ellison
Book 14 page 358May 7, 1823John WilbornJesse Wilbornbill of saleNegro man named Mills, 30$300
Book 14 page 366December 7, 1823John WillbornWilliam Wilbornbill of saleNegro man named Charles, 18, previously left to Grantor's wife Jane in the last will and testament of William Bell$75
Book 14 page 369May 7, 1823John WilbornJesse Wilbornbill of saleNegro man named Solomon and Negro woman named Judy, previously left to Grantor's wife Jane in the last will and testament of William Bell$400
Book 14 page 377November 5, 1823Isaac Lane, Whitlock ArnoldWilliam Dickbill of saleNegro woman about 42 named Braner[unclear]$250
Book 14 page 378October 14, 1814Mark Steed, Collin Steed, et alThomas Engramsbill of saleNegro girl named Doll, about 10, sold by agents Frederick Farmer, Sam Steed, Benjamin Steedunspecified
Book 14 page 406July 9, 1813John Lane & Tidence LaneJohn Lane Sr.bill of saleNegro boy slave named William, about 10$250
Book 14 page 408August 4, 1823Willis BartonDaniel McMastersbill of saleNegro girl slave named Jane, about 10$267.50
Book 14 page 409February 2, 1824Seth WadeElizabeth Bondbill of saleNegro slave named James, about 27. Grantee is grantor's mother$250
Book 14 page 409October 18, 1823Isaac JacksonGabriel Russellbill of saleNegro girl named Mary, about 4 in April 1823[unspecified]
Book 14 page 410February 17, 1821Benjamin ElliottJesse Harperbill of saleNegro female named Kit. Reference to previous deed from Marshal Harvey and John Harvey to grantor.$480
Book 14 page 410January 14, 1824Jacob Luther Jr.[unclear]Benjamin Brookshirebill of saleNegro boy named Jim, about 6$170
Book 14 page 418February 2, 1824Elizabeth BondWhitlock ArnoldotherPower of attorney to find Negro man named James, about 27, left in the possession of Seth Wade
Book 14 page 424May 5, 1824William HoganMary P Jonesdeed of giftSix Negro slaves: Silas, Anny, Marican, Baltimore, Maria, and Patsey. Grantor indexed as Hagan-
Book 14 page 504March 10, 1824Tidence LaneCharles Moffittdeed of trustNegro slaves Kendall, Rayford[unclear], Sally, Lucy, and Bryant[unclear]. Secured party Hugh Moffitt
Book 14 page 516May 20, 1824John Lane, Jr.John Lane, Sr.bill of saleNegro boy slave named Austin about 1 year old last November$85
Book 14 page 527March 31, 1821James GardnerNancy Lathambill of saleNegro girl named Anessa, about 8
Book 14 page 529October 22, 1824Elizabeth BondWhitlock ArnoldotherInstructions to sell a Negro male named James to satisfy a judgment by William Bell's executors against Seth Wade
Book 14 page 541November 24, 1824Alexander GrayRobert Dawsonbill of saleFourth part interest in a Negro woman slave named Jenny[reference to Jenny and wife of Robert Dawson and infant named Jean is not clear to me]$96.85
Book 14 page 542December 4, 1826Robert DawsonJoshua Swaimbill of sale"one fourth of three Negros": woman named Jane and her two children named Jane and Eudina?$110
Book 16 page 4April 5, 1823Jesse WelbornElisha Mendenhalldeed of trustNegro slaves Mille, about 24, and her children Rainy about six, Hany about 4, and Lydia about 1. Grantee is secured party$700 debt
Book 16 page 9April 13, 1822James WhittleEnoch Spinksbill of saleNegro man named Allen about 24 or 25$600
Book 16 page 12March 31, 1821James GardnerRebekah Bradydeed of giftNegro girl named Mary, about 14-
Book 16 page 13June 29, 1824Esther McGee and John KirkmanJohn McGeebill of saleNegro woman named Poll and her infant child and Negro boy named Washington traded Negro woman named Fan(trade)
Book 16 page 13November 3, 1824John Lane, Jr.William Underwoodbill of sale"Certain Negro boy named Austin about two years old" was "put up to the highest bidder" by Constable Samuel Redfern in order to satisfy a judgement.$20.10
Book 16 page 14April 20, 1824Allen CaseHugh MCainbill of salefour Negro slaves: Patind about 17, Laurna about 17, Tom Pete about 13, Edy about 10. Also includes end of slave bill of sale from previous page$975
Book 16 page 64November 24, 1824Robert DawsonRobert Murdockdeed of trustFourth part of Negro woman named [unclear]y and her child Jean listed among personal property
Book 16 page 67August 31, 1824Thomas TomlinsonJohn Waddledeed of giftNegro woman named Caty and her child; Negro girl named Viney-
Book 16 page 102November 3, 1824Elizabeth BondRobert Walkerbill of saleNegro man named James, about 30. Sold by attorney in fact Whitlock Arnold. $500
Book 16 page 103August 3, 1825Robert R HarveyEdward Truebloodbill of saleNegro woman slave named Rachel about 45 or thereabouts$35
Book 16 page 104July 17, 1824Jeremiah? YorkAbram Richardsonbill of saleNegro girl named Hannah and her future increase$150
Book 16 page 151November 10, 1825Isaac Lane, sheriffJames Parsonsbill of saleNegro slave woman named Mary, 19, from estate of Gilbert Gray, deceased, sold to the highest bidder. Grantee is of Guilford County$245
Book 16 page 152November 5, 1825William HoganDavid Wardbill of saleNegro man named Grun$620
Book 16 page 198August 6, 1825Samuel CallicuttRobert Warfordpartition by salePower of attorney to sell Negro slave named Sam, about 4 or 5, from the estate of Beverly Callicutt, deceased. Grantor and grantee are of Smith County, Tennessee.
Book 16 page 200April 3, 1825Benjamin PageJesse Harperbill of saleNegro woman slaved named Rachel, about 45; Negro girl slave named Binah, about 15.$400
Book 16 page 202June 22, 1825William BrownHugh McCainbill of saleNegro boy named George, about 12$350
Book 16 page 208August 17, 1818Abraham SymonsStephen Henley, Thomas Thornburgh, Joseph Henleydeed of giftDeed between members of the Society of Friends: Pashents, 38; and her children Mormin, 14 in May 1818; Patsey, 12 in February 1818; Grun, 10 in February 1818; Farley 8 in January[unclear] 1818; Mary, 6 in December 1817; Seth, 3 in September 1817; and Amerua[unclear] 1 in December 1817. Given to grantees "and their successors in office". Presumable emancipation. Indexed as Simmons to Church, ME Trs. of-
Book 16 page 218September 16, 1823Whitlock ArnoldAllen Karnesbill of saleNegro girl named Edy, about 6. Grantee indexed as Kearnes$250
Book 16 page 219January 19, 1826Henry EdwardsBenjamin Elliottbill of saleNegro slave Amy, 22, and her child Adiline. Found by deed index 1776-1947$375
Book 16 page 302January 6, 1826Elinder DukyMary Ann McCollumdeed of giftNegro girl slave named Lion[unclear] Ann, about 8 months-
Book 16 page 303January 6, 1826Elinder DukySamuel McCollumdeed of giftgirl named Jane aged about 12 years given to grantor's nephew-
Book 16 page 304January 6, 1826Elinder DukyJohn McCollumdeed of giftHannah about 36 and Fany about 7 given as gift to cousin-
Book 16 page 346April 16, 1819Duncan BlueWhitlock Arnold, Henry Johnstonbill of saleTwo Negro slaves: Willis, about 10, and Chaney, a girl about 12$1250
Book 16 page 408November 6, 1826Lucy WaddleRobert and Lucy Marsh heirsdeed of giftNegro woman named Jane with her four children: Spencer, Harriot, Carter, and Albert. Grantor indexed as Waddell.-
Book 16 page 421May 30, 1826John McCollumJohn Swaimdeed of trustNegro woman named Hannah, about 36. Grantee indexed under John Elliott, who also signed
Book 16 page 423April 23, 1824Marshel Nance, John WrayWhitlock Arnoldbill of saleFive Negro slaves named Nan, Edy, Alan, Mary, and Sam. Grantors are represented by agents: Marshel Nance is agent for Benjamin Bass, Henry Bass, and Rebeca Bass. John Wray is agent for James Ray. Seth Wade is agent for Arthur Bass. Jesse Harris is agent for Delila Harris.$888.25
Book 17 page 6August 4, 1826Nicholas Amick, Peter AmickJacob Amickpartition by salePower of attorney to sell a Negro woman named Leah and her two children from the estate of Peter Amick, deceased. Grantors are of Clark County, Indiana.
Book 17 page 12August 22, 1826John G. MorseAlexander Hogandeed of trustNegro girl about 10 named Nelly as collateral in Deed of Trust. Secured party William Hogan$250
Book 17 page 17August 10, 1824Esther McGee, John KirkmanJoseph Duginbill of saleNegro slaves Poll, suckling child, and male named Washington. Grantee may be an alternate spelling of Joseph Dougan.$425
Book 17 page 61November 15, 1826Alexander HoganJohn A Hogandeed of trustDacy, Carolina, Celia, and her child included among real and personal property in deed of trust. Secured party William A Hogan
Book 17 page 119September 31, 1822Isaac Lane, former sheriffJesse Harperbill of saleNegro male named Lewis sold in Asheboro sold to satisfy debt of Clement Arnold$305
Book 17 page 125May 19, 1827Thomas ParkHenry Parkbill of saleNegro male named Squere$200
Book 17 page 163October 22, 1827Jesse GallimoreValentine Hooverdeed of trustNegro girl named Milly. Grantor is of Guilford County. Secured party Jesse Harper. Found by deed index 1776-1947
Book 17 page 187September 27, 1827Robert JohnstonGeorge Davisbill of saleNegro boy named Peter, 6$200
Book 17 page 236January 11, 1827Thomas Hancock, sheriffJoab Parksbill of saleNegro woman named Chelly and child Meddy auctioned at the dwelling house of Joab Park to pay debts of John Lane. Fi Fa is an abbreviation for Fieri facias, a writ of execution.$150.50
Book 17 page 243January 16, 1827John BurtonJohn Brownbill of saleNegro woman Ann and children, Lucy, Jacob, and George. Grantor is of Guilford County$1000
Book 17 page 342August 5, 1828George Hoover, sheriffJohn Millerbill of saleSlaves of Isaac Lane sold to pay debts: Negro man Dan, about 53. Followed by beginning of another slave deed$115
Book 17 page 343October 13, 1828John Wood, Jr.John Wood, Sr.deed of trustNegro man named Bob listed among personal property. Secured party Orlando Wood
Book 17 page 391January 10, 1826Archabald FergusonSamuel Allredbill of saleNegro girl named Patsey, about 6. Grantor is of Chatham County.$175
Book 17 page 395November 10, 1828William PearceJames Johnstondeed of trustNegro woman named Peggy. Secured party John Lowdermilk
Book 17 page 417March 21, 1829John MillerSharlloty Smithbill of saleNegro man named Daniel$50
Book 17 page 460October 30, 1822Gideon B TurnerJohn B Mossbill of saleNegro girl named Catherine, about 12$275
Book 17 page 466November 2, 1835James GoinsJulia E Armsteaddeed of giftNegro man named Isham, about 20; Negro woman named Caroline about 25; Negro woman named Urna and her child Alfed, a boy about 3.-
Book 18 page 1March 16, 1829John O GossettElisha Mendenhalldeed of trustRebekah, about 20, and her child Matild, 11 months
Book 18 page 29September 27, 1828John WoodMichael Robbinsbill of saleboy named Alyah about the age of 11 years sold from estate of John Wood Sr., deceasedunspecified
Book 18 page 30April 4, 1829Lidia FieldWilliam Dokebill of saleNegro woman named Easter about 19, and two boys, Hardy about 3 and a boy 9 months old. Top of page shows end of bill of sale from previous page$330
Book 18 page 42June 19, 1829Isaac LaneJohn C Lattadeed of trustNegro slaves Harry, Jean, Tamer, Phillip, Brener, Edy, and Harry (appears to be listed twice). Secured party John B Troy
Book 18 page 44August 23, 1822John LucasJohn Casidabill of saleNegro woman named Rachel about 35 years old and a child named Elijah. Grantee may be the same John Cassady of the following deed$425
Book 18 page 45July 12, 1824John GardnerJohn Cassadaybill of saleNegro girl named Eliza, about 7$250
Book 18 page 45October 1, 1827Tidence LaneJohn Cassadaybill of saleNegro boy named Lewis$450
Book 18 page 46May 13, 1829Eisha M GrayPeter Adamsbill of saleundivided ninth part of several slaves: Absalom, 27; Douglass, 4; Anaky, 2; Betsy, 2 months.$212
Book 18 page 63February 1830Isaac LaneEli Cobledeed of trustWillis, Bill, Austin, Sell and her two children Leroy & Anica & Julia named as security. Secured party John B. Troy
Book 18 page 70February 12, 1828Isaac LaneJohn B Troybill of saleNegro girl named Hannah, about 7$175
Book 18 page 72June 6, 1829Ebenezar HearnLenory Hearn Ingramdeed of giftNegro girl Lilly, 10, valued at $225. Grantee is of Davidson County. Found by deed index 1776-1947-
Book 18 page 73April 17, 1829Jeremiah YorkDaris Yorkbill of saleNegro girl slave named Corsa, 2 months old$50
Book 18 page 73April 17, 1829Jeremiah YorkDaris Yorkbill of saleNegro woman slave named Elizabeth, about 25, perhaps the mother of Corsa in the deed above$300
Book 18 page 80November 8, 1828Zebedee Rush et alLewis Jonespartition by saleNegro slaves Dick, Miles, and Alfred from estate of Benjamin Rush, deceased. Unclear if possession of the slaves remained with the widow, as provided in the will, or they were given to the grantee.
Book 18 page 151April 23, 1829Jesse BrayPatsy Browndeed of giftDave, about 2 years old and Mary, about 1 month old, the children of Sally, who was given to Patsy when she was married. Also any future children of Sally are granted to Patsy-
Book 18 page 152May 2, 1830John MillerDavid Campbellbill of saleNegro woman named Belinda about 17 sold from estate of John Amick, Jr.$291
Book 18 page 190September 25, 1830Isaac SpencerPhineas Albertson, Joseph Hunt, Jesse Hinshaw, Abel Coffin, John Stewart, and sucessors in officebill of saleSlaves Jane Z Little, about 16; Sally E Little, about 12; Mary S Little, about 9; Samuel Little, about 7; Isaac Little, about 18 months transferred to Society of Friends, perhaps to be emancipated. Note the rare case of last names given for slaves. Found by deed index 1776-1947. Presumable emancipation
Book 18 page 197March 4, 1830James GardnerBarny B Gardnerbill of saleNegro boy slave named John, about 12. Only a nominal price of 50 cents is given. Grantee is of Chatham County.
Book 18 page 199July 20, 1830John McCollumWilliam McCollumdeed of giftNegro woman named Phillis, 39, and a Negro girl named Milly, 13-
Book 18 page 212July 20, 1830John McCollumArras McCollumdeed of giftNegro girl Hala, 2, given as gift to granson-
Book 18 page 213July 20, 1830John McCollumJonathan McCollumdeed of giftNegro woman named Peggy, 21, and Negro boy, Riley, 15, given as gifts to son-
Book 18 page 255November 4, 1830Joseph DouganThomas Douganbill of salePolly about 30 and her son Lindon about 4 (continued on next page)$300
Book 18 page 281June 5, 1830John Wittle, Nancy WhittleHenry Yow, Sr.bill of saleNegro woman named Rody and her three children named John, Morgan, and Quhan[unclear] sold on the open market$600
Book 18 page 339September 25, 1830Isaac Lan, e, SrLucinday Lane Kirkmandeed of giftSmall Negro girl about 2 named Lowrey given as gift to granddaughter. Grantee indexed as Lunday Kirkman-
Book 18 page 340September 25, 1830Isaac LaneAlfred Lanedeed of giftNegro woman slave named Pates[unnclear] and boy about 1 month old with no name given to grandson. Found by deed index 1776-1947-
Book 18 page 341September 25, 1830Isaac LaneIsaac Lane, Jrdeed of giftNegro boy named Charles, about 4, given to grandson. Found by deed index 1776-1947-
Book 18 page 386November 23, 1830Ezra BeckerditeJesse Harperbill of saleTwo Negro boys: Hezekiah, about 12, and Micayah[unclear], about 11$600
Book 18 page 450April 27, 1831William ArmsteadJohn K Armsteaddeed of giftNegro slave Harry; Ester, and her three children Mary Ann, Loretta, and Cherry; Marenda and her child Ned. Found by 1776-1947 deed index-
Book 18 page 457May 7, 1831Elizabeth Jones David Vestaldeed of trustTwo Negro man slaves, Stephen and Andy. Secured party Thomas Allred
Book 19 page 2February 1828John A HoganWilliam Hoganbill of saleNegro slaves: boy named Davy, woman named Celia and her child, and one woman named Carolina and her child sold at auction to satisfy a deed of trust$1205.50
Book 19 page 4August 17, 1831Sarah TrogdonJohn & Martha Redingdeed of giftunnamed Negro slaves from estate of Samuel Trogdon. See also deed dated May 26, 1832-
Book 19 page 47January 4, 1832Braxton YorkJames Pagedeed of trustNegro woman about 20 named Hester. Secured party George Hoover
Book 19 page 78February 23, 1832Henry UnderwoodGains Winninghamdeed of trustNegro girl slave named Mary. Grantor is of Richmond County. Secured party Hugh Moffitt
Book 19 page 233August 3, 1832William TrogdonHenry B Elliottdeed of trustNegro woman named Nance, about 19. Secured party B. Elliott & Co. The debt was released on the following page.
Book 19 page 234October 8, 1832William RidgeReuben LambotherPower of attorney "in pursuit of my Negro man slave...Isaac, who has absconded..." and is "perhaps attempting to pass as a free man".
Book 19 page 239October 27, 1832John Daniel Clerk by Jonathan Worth, DeputyHenry Crassbill of saleNegro girl named Mary sold in accordance with judgment against Jones K Wood$201
Book 19 page 248September 29, 1832Levi Allred, Thomas AllredJohn McCollum, Elizabeth Jonesdeed of trustSettlement of disputed claims to Negro man slaves named Stephen and Andrew
Book 19 page 262December 3, 1832Jesse WelbornJesse Walkerdeed of trustNegro slave Willis, Milly, Rainy, Harry, Lydia, Peggy, Lindsey, Joshua, Calih?, and Tatia. Secured parties: William Hogan and Joseph Welborn$1099.97
Book 19 page 263February 4, 1833Sarah SuggRussel M Suggdeed of giftNegro slaves: Dorter, a man about 22; Charles, a boy about 14, -
Book 19 page 264October 30, 1827Robert JohnstonJames Coltrainbill of saleNegro man named Peter, about 34400
Book 19 page 300January 18, 1833Abel CoxWilliam M Larrancebill of saleNegro woman named Quincy[unclear] and her two children, a boy named Nathan, 6 last Christmas, and a boy named John, 2 next April.$670
Book 19 page 300March 31, 1821James GardnerBetsey Cravendeed of giftNegro girl named Lucy, about 7-
Book 19 page 301March 31, 1821James GardnerMary Williamsdeed of giftNegro boy named Goodwin, about 8-
Book 19 page 327November 27, 1832Joseph ElliottPheby Lambbill of saleFree woman of color buys a Negro man named Isaac, about 44, who was formerly owned by Elisha Mendenhall$144
Book 19 page 378August 10, 1832Ezra and Susannah CoxSamuel BrayotherPower of attorney includes reference to Negro woman Eliza, about 17, in estate of John Hutson, deceased
Book 19 page 382August 9, 1832John Bray, Elizabeth Hutson BrayHenry Braypartition by saleBlack girl named Fanny, inherited from estate of John Hutson, late of Randolph County. Grantors are of Marion County, Indiana; grantee is of Chatham County, North Carolina.
Book 19 page 420July 30, 1833James GarnerRebeca Breadydeed of giftNegro boy slave named Tom. Followed by start of slave deed continued on next page.-
Book 19 page 421February 4, 1834Nathan LowLow (various grandchildren)deed of giftNegro slaves given to grantor's grandchildren: to Wilkins Low a woman Grace, about 18; to Nathan Low a boy James named about 12; to Nancy Low a girl named Lusina[unclear] about 4; to James Low a boy named Jesse, about 8; to Bethea Low a girl Syliva, about 2; to Daniel Low a Negro boy George, about 18 months-
Book 19 page 432February 5, 1834James MorganBenjamin Pagedeed of trustold Negro woman Grace. Secured parties John Mourhead and Moor Daniel
Book 19 page 465August 1, 1834Mary CravenHugh Moffitt, Jrdeed of trustNegro slave named Goodwin, about 21
Book 19 page 469July 1834Samuel MoffittMarry Bransonmarriage contractPrenuptial agreement mentions three Negroes: Caty, A[unclear], and Ruth
Book 19 page 492July 13, 1833James GardnerBetsy Cravendeed of giftNegro girl slave named Lucinda given to granddaughter-
Book 20 page 9October 1, 1833Samuel SmithermanWilliam Larrancebill of saleNegro woman named Jean, about 18 next May. Grantee indexed as Samuel Millikan estate$355
Book 20 page 44May 5, 1835Archibald FullerHenry FullerdeedNegro girl slave named Ann, 10; Negro boy slave named Allen, 3; Negro girl named Juda (no age given); Negro woman named Lucy, about 20, with two small children, Amy, 3, and (no name given), 6 months; Negro boy named Daniel; Negro man named Bob, 65; Negro woman named Frank, 80. Price includes livestock and other property.$2000
Book 20 page 47February 4, 1834John WilliamsJoseph Williamsdeed of giftNegro slaves Ben, Willis, and Jacob. Grantee is son of grantor, who is of Hardeman County, Tennessee.-
Book 20 page 49April 17, 1835Lucy WaddleEdm Waddledeed of giftInterest conveyed to son in two Negro men, Jack and Lewis, previously sold to Archibald McNeell of Moore County for $500, the interest of which was not paid as agreed-
Book 20 page 177September 17, 1830William and Mahala AllredThomas Marleybill of saleNegro girl about 9 named Louisa$200
Book 20 page 178August 21, 1829Robert WilsonSusannah Hutsondeed of giftNegro girl Effy. Grantor is of Moore County-
Book 20 page 318August 5, 1836Jesse WilbornDavid Coltraindeed of trustNegro slaves Mils; Milly, 35; Rainy, 19; Harry, 17; Lyla, 15; Peggy, 13; Lindsay, 11; Joshua and Caleb, 9; Tisha, 6; and Branson, 2. Secured party Abner Coltrain.
Book 20 page 327?deed of trustNegro slave named Stephen
Book 20 page 364September 5, 1835John BrownDimuy[unclear] Browndeed of giftNegro woman named Rody, about 18, and Negro boy named George, about 11-
Book 20 page 513November 11, 1836Joseph LaneJoseph L Reecedeed of trustNegro girl named Meddy, about 11. Secured party John McCollum.
Book 20 page 519February 14, 1837Lucy WaddleSarah and Bryan Borroughs heirsdeed of giftNegro woman named Jane and her "increase" Spencer, Carter, Albert, Sarah, Mary, Susanah, Ann, Hariott. Hariott "placed in the hands of...Bryan Boroughs as Guardian for Nancy Waddle and her Daughter Silven"-
Book 21 page 84April 30, 1835John Chittim[unclear], Susanah ChittimAbram HoadleyotherInterest in estate of Conrad Staley, including Saule, supposed to be 27; Sarah about 20, with one child, a girl named Martha, about 18 months; Peter, about 15; Wesley, 13; George, about 5 by Sarah, about 32, and Jerry, about 20. Grantee is of Chatham County.$900
Book 21 page 190December 2, 1837John WaddleWillie D. Dowdbill of saleNegro man named Orange, about 25. Grantor indexed as Waddell$621
Book 21 page 190February 7, 1838Joab ParksW.D. Dowdbill of saleNegro man named Jordain, about 26$637.50
Book 21 page 261March 4, 1837Crabtree Siler, Simson Staley, Oxoon A Pahms, JJ Greeson, Catharine Staleypartition by saleSlaves of Conrad Staley, deceased, authorized to be sold. Big Sarah and Jerry the Waggoner are to be sold at the same time.
Book 21 page 269May 26, 1832Samuel TrogdonAbraham Hammer, Abner Lamb, John Reding, et alpartition in kindDivision of slaves of Samuel Trogdon, deceased. Miles, valued at $300, drawn by Abner Lamb; Edy, valued at $280, drawn by William Trogdon; Deck, valued at $300, drawn by Isaac Aldred; Nancy, valued at $280, drawn by Ury Trogdon; Frank valued $300 drawn by Isaac Trogdon; James, valued at $300, drawn by John Reding; [unclear] valued at $295, drawn by Mary Free; Cialy, valued at $275, drawn by Samuel Trogdon; Tanner, valued at $10 and Peter valued at $170 drawn by Abraham Hammer
Book 21 page 273August 12, 1837James B MossAnn Mossbill of saleNegro man named Stephen, previously conveyed in Grantor's father's will$400
Book 21 page 344December 2, 1837John WaddleWilliam M Larrancebill of saleNegro man slave named Gillis sold to the highest bidder in accordance with the will of Edmond Waddle, deceased$420.25
Book 21 page 350August 17, 1835Sarah SuggsRussel M Suggsdeed of giftNegro girl slave named Mary, about 14-
Book 21 page 363August 17, 1835Merett A SuggsRussell M Suggbill of saleNegro girl slave named Mary, about 14; and Negro woman slave named Affey[unclear], about 50, conveyed along with real estate$350
Book 21 page 452February 5, 1839Jesse Larrance, Ruth Larrance, William M Larrance, Enoch S LarranceBenjamin Swaim, Alfred H Marsh, Hugh McCaindeed of trustTen Negro slaves: Hard, a man about 42; Delsi, a woman about 36; Carolina, a woman about 17; George, a boy about 15; Sarah, a girl about 14; Eliza, a girl about 12; Esau, a boy about 11; Mary a girl 6 or 7; Nelson, a boy about 5; and Jacob, a boy about 2.
Book 21 page 464December 28, 1838Henry B EliottAbner Marshbill of saleNegro male named Nat$800
Book 21 page 531November 1, 1822Susanah NeedhamElizabeth Spinksdeed of giftNegro woman Sellar and her two children, Hannah and Dolly-
Book 22 page 5March 27, 1839Thomas B ClarkWiley Brookeher?deed of trustwoman slave about 35 named Menity? and girl about 9 named Silvey named as security in deed of trust. Secured party Benjamin Brookeher?
Book 22 page 12December 1, 1838Eli BrayJeremiah Braydeed of gift"negro Boy (slave) named Jack"-
Book 22 page 62August 8, 1839Jesse WilbornAlfred H Marshdeed of trustSix Negro slaves: Milly, Mills, Harry, Joshua, Caleb, and Branson.
Book 22 page 113November 5, 1839Haman MillerWiley F. Brookshiredeed of trustNegro man slave named Bant[unclear], about 27, listed togther with land on the Uwharrie River as security for debt. Secured party Jonathan Worth, Clerk and Master in Equity and future governor of NC
Book 22 page 1211839Jesse WilbornAlfred H Marshdeed of trustSix Negro slaves: Milly, Mills, Harry, Joshua, Caleb, and Branson. Month unclear
Book 22 page 124September 6, 1839Able HudsonNoah Smithermanbill of saleNegro man slave named Peter, about 19$550
Book 22 page 131February 28, 1828William HoganJames Dorsettbill of saleNegro woman named Sealy and a child named Mussy[unclear]$400
Book 22 page 139December 9, 1839William M LarranceBenjamin Swaimdeed of trustone Negro woman slave about 35 named Vina
Book 22 page 146September 20, 1839Sarah SuggRaphel M Suggdeed of giftNegro slave named Mary, about 20; and Negro slave named Affa, about 50.-
Book 22 page 150December 1, 1838Eli BraySarah Braydeed of giftNegro slaves Nanud[unclear] and her child Nancy and Emily given to grantor's daughter, intended to be an equal share of land and slaves given to all grantor's children-
Book 22 page 179?John Whittle, Mary AsbillChristopher Asbillbill of saleNegro man slave named Branson, 18$400
Book 22 page 179August 31, 1830Matthias Bray, Elizabeth BrayChristopher Asbillbill of saleNegro boy slave named Joshua, about 6
Book 22 page 180December 1, 1838Eli BrayRuth Luckdeed of giftFive Negro slaves: Delila and her three children Hannah, Vina[unclear], and Aron; and a small Negro girl named Martha. Described an an equal share of Negroes and land given to grantor's children.-
Book 22 page 260March 4, 1837Alfred StaleyWilliam McMasters, A Hoadeybill of saleNegro woman named Big Sarah, formerly the property of Conrad Staley$470
Book 22 page 261December 6, 1837Darius YorkWilliam McMastersbill of saleNegro named Dan, 15$550
Book 22 page 261April 19, 1840Darius YorkAndrew Jacksonbill of saleNegro girl naed Het[unclear], 4. Grantee is unlikely to be the former president who owned a large slave plantation in Tennessee. Rather, grantee is probably grantor's stepson, per https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/150221290/darius-york .Found by deed index 1776-1947, where grantor is indexed as Davis York$200
Book 22 page 289April 27, 1840Thomas GoldsonMary Barberdeed of giftNegro "woman by the name of Mary or Poll & her children, names not known". Found by deed index 1776-1947-
Book 22 page 290April 21, 1840Thomas GoldstonWincy Crumpdeed of giftNegro Winny and children-
Book 22 page 291April 1840Thomas GoldstonSarah Browerdeed of giftNegro slave named Wade-
Book 22 page 301March 7, 1840Joseph Johnson estateJohnson (various)partition in kindDivision of slaves of Joseph Johnson, deceased: window Nancy Johnson to have two slaves, Rachel and Jerry, valued at $475; Andrew Johnson to have Ceasar and Bromon, valued at $1325; Lytle Johnson to have Ishom and Dinah, valued at $1075; Joseph Johnson to have Adam and Lynda, valued at $1150; Robert Johnson to have Edom, valued at $675; David Brown and his wife Sarah to have Riley, valued at $450. Slaves were "examined" and valued by Alexander Gray, Joseph Wilborn, and Valentine Hoover.
Book 22 page 320June 13, 1840Jesse BrayNancy Browerdeed of giftNegro girl slave named Marica-
Book 22 page 382March 23, 1840Wilie Brookshire, trusteeBenjamin Brookshirebill of saleSlave Martha[unclear] "with one foot[unclear] only" and child Silvey sold to pay debt of Thomas Clark. Sale price $1 and $5, respectively, subject to 14 years of control by [unclear]$6
Book 22 page 392December 10, 1839Tidence LaneWilliam B Moffittbill of saleNegro man slave named Lemmuk, about 20$750
Book 22 page 393March 15, 1838William B Moffitt, Charles MoffittPegga Moffittbill of saleNegro slave Nancy, about 40, sold from estate of Hugh Moffitt, deceased. Grantee indexed as Peggy Moffit$200
Book 22 page 394November 7, 1840Tidence LaneJohn Pughdeed of trustNegro girl slave named Caroline. Secured party William Wilson, administrator of the estate of Sarah Fox. Grantee indexed as William B Moffitt
Book 22 page 415November 3, 1840Elizabeth CravenRiley D Gardenerdeed of giftNegro boy slave named Frank, 8 or 9-
Book 22 page 421November 3, 1840John B TroyJonathan M Davisbill of saleNegro woman slave named Brener, about 16, sold at auction of estate of Col. Isaac Lane$585
Book 22 page 445February 5, 1841Jesse Larrance et ux, William M LarranceBenjamin Swaimdeed of trustEight slaves: Negro man about 44 named Hard; woman about 38 named Delse[unclear]; woman Caroline, about 19; man George, about 17; girl Eliza, about 14; girl Mary, about 8 or 9; boy Nelson, about 7; boy Jacob, about 4. Secured parties Edmund Luck and Charles Moffitt
Book 22 page 471?William B Moffitt, Charles MoffittHardy Brownbill of saleNegro girl about 8 or 9 named Martha sold from estate of Hugh Moffitt, deceased$266
Book 22 page 502February 4, 1841Jesse LarrenceHardy Brownbill of saleNegro woman slave named Sarah, about 15$575
Book 22 page 502November 20, 1839Jesse WilbornJoseph H Brownbill of saleNegro man slave named Harry, about 21$670
Book 22 page 503August 17, 1835Sarah SuggMerill A Suggdeed of giftNegro man slave named Dick, 21-
Book 22 page 617May 1841Darius YorkJohn B Troydeed of trustNegro woman slave named Malessee and boy child named [unclear]Jim. Secured party William McMasters
Book 22 page 639August 8, 1836William ColtraneDavid Coltranebill of saleThree Negroes: Susannah, Sandy, and Milla$450
Book 22 page 640July 15, 1841Thomas KirkmanRobert Kirkmandeed of giftNegro boy slave named Sam, 20-
Book 24 page 62November 3, 1841Joseph LaneThomas J Sandridgebill of saleRights to estate of Dobson Burrow, including unnamed Negroes$400
Book 24 page 73July 21, 1841Polly McCrary, James McCraryThomas J SandridgedeedInterest of Polly McCrary in the large estate of Dobson Burrow, deceased, which includes unnamed Negro slaves, is conveyed
Book 24 page 93December 31, 1841Zachariah NixonAlexander Graydeed of trustNegro girl named Patsey. Note that the deed of trust is later amended 1843 to correct an omission
Book 24 page 157May 22, 1841James GardnerRiley D Gardnerbill of saleNegro woman named Mary, 18 or 20, and her child William, 18 or 19 months$500
Book 24 page 157March 4, 1802Benjamin WhedbeeCornelius Ratliffbill of saleNegro woman slave named Endey$150
Book 24 page 189January 20, 1842Thomas WilsonPolly Wilson, Aggy Jones, Alston Wilson, Sabina Cavinessdeed of giftNegro woman named Sabina and her two girls, Mary, about 4 and Sary, about 2-
Book 24 page 247May 12, 1842Ann MossAbel Coxbill of saleman slave named Stephen, about 36, sold along with a horse$204.75
Book 24 page 251May 23, 1842Eli StaleyConrod Staleydeed of trustinterest in Negro boy named Tony belonging to heirs of Jeremiah Fields, deceased
Book 24 page 255May 6, 1840General Alexander GrayNancy Hooverdeed of giftNegro woman slave Nancy, about 29; and her three children, Lucinda, about 12, Isaac, about 5, and Hannah, about 2. The slaves have been in the possession of grantee for many years; this deed is to confirm the title.-
Book 24 page 275May 30, 1842William PearceHugh Kellydeed of trustNegro woman named Peggy
Book 24 page 297April 2, 1842Samuel H MoffittCharles Moffittdeed of trustNegro girl named Ann, about 14, and Negro girl named Ruth, about 10, conveyed by court order. Mary Moffitt, wife of grantor, retains possession and use of the slaves.
Book 24 page 299March 17, 1842George HooverThomas J Sandridgebill of saleNegro man Alfred, about 16, to be transferred in one month. Includes the stipulation that if "said Boy should sicken or die" in the intervening month, grantor must provide grantee with "a boy of the same value".$500
Book 24 page 327July 9, 1842Emsty BurrissJohn Cravendeed of trustNegro slave named Candis (gender not given), about 16$600
Book 24 page 335July 8, 1842Thomas PughWilliam J Longdeed of trustNegro man slave named Chatton about 29 named along with land and farm animals as security in deed of trust. Secured party John B. Troy
Book 24 page 337July 25, 1842Thomas Pugh Jr.Isaac H Foustdeed of trustNegro man named Chatton about 29, apparently the same slave named in the previous deed of trust
Book 24 page 341July 30, 1842Samuel ColtraneDavid Coltranedeed of trustNegro woman named Rebecca and her children Martha, Calvin, and Alphus, named along with real estate and personal property as security. Secured party John Coltrane$350
Book 24 page 350May 1, 1842William A HamlinOraan[unclear] A Palmerbill of saleNegroes Jenny[unclear], 48; Yorjin, 7; Brue, 2$500
Book 24 page 351January 5, 1842John AllredJoseph A Allredbill of saleNegro man slave named Henderson, about 16$500
Book 24 page 352August 3, 1842William ColtraneJ Whitebill of saleInterest sold in Negro slave named Margrate, about 9 or 10. Grantee indexed as I White$35
Book 25 page 1March 13, 1832Lane HutsonBalaam Rainsbill of salegirl named Lidia about 9. Grantor is spelled as Hudson by register but Hutson in bill of sale, which seemed to be recorded 10 years after the fact
Book 25 page 10November 4, 1842John PattersonBoaz Adamsdeed of trustone Negro woman named Elvy and two Negro children named Perry and Eli
Book 25 page 13November 4, 1842Aaron TysonJames G Tomlinsondeed of trustNegro boy named Morris, 9. Secured party Bryant Boroughs of More County.
Book 25 page 35September 4, 1842Tidance LaneSamuel Youngbill of saleNegro girl slave named Emmaline. Grantor is presumably Tidence Lane but the spelled in the deed as Tidanc, Tidance, and Tid.$350
Book 25 page 36April 11, 1842Enoch ManessAlfred Browerbill of saleInterest of grantor's wife Amelia in 12 unnamed slaves in estate of Francis Myrick.$390
Book 25 page 36February 28, 1842Harwood PopeThomas Finchbill of saleRights to "two negro fellows" Hemp and Harry, to remain in the possession of grantor and his wife Elizabeth B Pope until their death. One fifth of value to be paid up front and four fifths when grantee takes possession. Value is not given and to be determined by "two or more good men" after the death of grantors.
Book 25 page 37August 5, 1842Isaac White (sheriff)Abel Coxbill of saleNegro slave named Jane sold to satisfy judgment against George Hoover$359
Book 25 page 38June 18, 1841John R RitterAlfred Browerbill of saleNegro girl Betsey, about 8$390
Book 25 page 57December 23, 1842William A HamlinGeorge W Goldstondeed of trustThenia, 25; Ellen, 17; Betsy, 40; S?, 18; Jackson, 17; Clayborn, 9; Mariah, 6; Cresey? aged ?. Secured party John G Hanner
Book 25 page 64January 27, 1843Zachariah NixonAlexander Graydeed of trustNegro girl slave named Patsey. This is described as a re-recording of a of trust dated December 31, 1841 to correct an omission.
Book 25 page 72February 7, 1843John T HarrisBenjamin Hawkinsdeed of trustNegro male named Hark
Book 25 page 122February 9, 1843Sampson B GlennJames F Marshdeed of trustNegro slaves currently in the possession of Ann Moss: Rene, Eliza, Julius, Molly, and Emily. Secured party Henry B Elliott, Alfred H Marsh, and Jonathan Worth. Grantee indexed under Elliott and James F Morris. Found by deed index 1776-1947
Book 25 page 124December 28, 1841Zachariah NixonJonathan Worthbill of saleSlave named Eliza Jane, about 10. Grantee is future governor of North Carolina.$405
Book 25 page 130November 15, 1842Eli LambertAlfred Browerbill of saleNegro boy slave named Ben, about 3.$150
Book 25 page 139April 24, 1843Harbard SpencerJames Page, Noah Smithermandeed of trustNegro slaves Henders, Henry, Wist, Dread, Jesse, and little Henry, conveyed to settle debts of estate of Samuel Smitherman, deceased, which is the subject of a lawsuit.
Book 25 page 144November 8, 1842Thomas J SandrigeIsaac Jonesbill of saleNegro slave named Elizabeth, 13$450
Book 25 page 144March 13, 1843Meral Johnson, Milley JohnsonThomas J Sandridgebill of saleNegro slave named Scalley, about 13$200
Book 25 page 145March 20, 1843Ezra BeckerditeIsaac Jonesbill of saleNegro slave named Senthey, 15$450
Book 25 page 145February 26, 1839Ezra BeckerditeIsaac Jonesbill of saleNegro slave named Jack$550
Book 25 page 202August 2, 1842Isaac White (sheriff)Dempsey Brownbill of salenegro slave named Jim sold to satisfy judgment against former owner George Hoover$493
Book 25 page 209July 13, 1843Samuel McCollumJoseph A Worthdeed of trustfour Negro slaves: woman named Jane about 25; boy named Charles, about 8; boy named Jim, about 5; girl named Margaret, about 3
Book 25 page 221March 7, 1790Elisha MendenhallJohn, Andrew, and William McGeemarriage contractPrenuptial agreement between Elisha Mendenhall and Susanna McGee mentions "three Negroes" owned by Susanna. A certified copy is entered into the record over 50 years later, in 1843
Book 25 page 251March 11, 1843Jonathan M DavisJohn A Coblebill of salewoman slave named Breaner about 21 and her son Jerry Breaner about two and a half$500
Book 25 page 299October 1, 1838Eli BraySamuel Braydeed of giftNegro boy slave named Dempsey, about 13-
Book 25 page 300October 1, 1838Benjamin CavenessSamuel Braybill of saleHalf part interest in woman slave named Eliza transferred to the owner of the other half part. Reference to bill of sale below from Joab Caveness to grantor and grantee. Price is described as "full payment" but not specified.
Book 25 page 300May 5, 1838Joab CavenessSamuel Bray, Benjamin Cavenessbill of saleNegro woman slave named Eliza, about 23$450
Book 26 page 11October 28, 1843Pleasant YorkSolomon Yorkdeed of trustNegro man slave named Stephen, 26. Secured party Hugh Cox$123.16
Book 26 page 13November 6, 1843Tidence LaneBenjamin Swaimdeed of trustBoy about 13 named Nathan named as security. Secured party Alfred H Marsh$175.42
Book 26 page 61February 6, 1844Jesse BrayOran D Alstonbill of salenegro man named Elisha about 41; one negro woman named Mariah, one negro man named Jae about 22; one negro woman about 16 and her child John, about 18 months; negro boy Tony, about 10. Only a nominal sum of $10 is given; grantee agrees to support Nancy Bray, wife of Jesse Bray.$10
Book 26 page 67January 18, 1844CD BrayWilliam McMastersbill of saleman named Anderson about 22$525
Book 26 page 106June 11, 1843Ann MossJonathan Worthbill of saleNegro man slave named Stephen, about 37. Grantee is future Governor of North Carolina$500
Book 26 page 112March 19, 1844James ScottonWilliam Scottondeed of trustNegro boy named Spinks, about 14. Secured parties Dolphin Gardner and William B. Moffitt.
Book 26 page 127May 10, 1844Tidence LaneJohn B Troydeed of trustNegro slaves Kindale, Nancy, Nathan, Guilford, Doctor, and Harriet
Book 26 page 136March 29, 1844William ColtraneIsaac White, John Coltranedeed of giftNegro man named Charles, about 17, conveyed along with land and livestock as alimony-
Book 26 page 156June 15, 1843Edmond LuckMartha Luck, Eliza An Luckdeed of giftNegro slave named Lucy-
Book 26 page 174March 14, 1844Dariaus YorkDavid Campbellbill of salenegro woman slave named Malipa about 36 and her boy child named Jim, 5$500
Book 26 page 175March 14, 1844John B TroyDavid Campbellbill of saleMalipa? and her boy child named Jim. Appears to be trustee giving permission for the sale described in previous bill of sale. Back reference to previous page and also to a deed of trust dated May 10, 1841$500
Book 26 page 177May 7, 1844Isaac White, sheriffJohn Marleybill of saleSheriff's sale of slave to satisfy judgment by Hiram York against Joab Parks and Solomon York: Negro Boy slave named Henry, age unknown$330
Book 26 page 194May 7, 1844Isaac White (sheriff)John Parksbill of saleNegro slave named Willis, age unknown, sold to satisfy judgement against Joab Parks, Thomas Parks, and Solomon Parks.$155
Book 26 page 212July 30, 1844William BrayMargaret Yorkdeed of giftNegro man named Richmond, about 18-
Book 26 page 225January 10, 1843George StaleyJohn Staleybill of saleTwo Negro girls: Betsy, about 9; and Rachel, about 7$500
Book 26 page 241November 4, 1844John R CravenJehu Lambertdeed of trustTwo slaves: Negro girl named Member, about 12, and Negro boy named William, about 6. Secured parties Alfred Brower and John Craven.
Book 26 page 277May 7, 1844Jesse BrayJohn Browerbill of saleNegro girl Emaline, 14$402
Book 26 page 277June 9, 1833Jonathan McCollumJohn McCollumbill of saleNegro woman slave, Peggy, 25; man named Kika[unclear], 18.$500
Book 26 page 278August 20, 1844William McCollumJohn McCollumbill of saleNegro man named Hampton, 17$450
Book 26 page 278June 9, 1833William McCollumJohn McCollumbill of saleNegro women Fillas, 44, and Milla, 15$500
Book 26 page 279November 9, 1843Alston WilsonThomas Wilsonbill of saleFamily of four Negroes: woman named Gina, female child Mary, Sarah, and Celia.$200
Book 26 page 332December 6, 1844James and Massy PolkAlfred H Marshbill of saleNegro girl named Elizaan, about 13. Relationship with following deed unclear$300
Book 26 page 333May 21, 1844James G TomlinsonAlfred Browerbill of saleNegro man named John, about 29$800
Book 26 page 333December 6, 1844Alfred H MarshMassy Polkbill of saleNegro girl slave named Elizaan, about 13. Relationship with previous deed unclear. Grantee indexed as Massa Poke$300
Book 26 page 347May 5, 1845Samuel TrogdonAbel Coxdeed of trustwoman slave named Cilah included with real estate as security, with reference to a previous deed of trust. Secured party Michael Cox$236.69 debt
Book 26 page 392April 22, 1845Isaac JonesDavid Merillbill of saleNegro slave named Jack aged 30$300
Book 26 page 393May 3, 1845Elizabeth CravenRiley D Gardnerbill of saleNegro girl slave named Jane, about 7. According to the following deed of gift, grantee is grantor's son$250
Book 26 page 395February 11, 1840John B HutsonLemuel Braybill of saleTwo Negro slaves, Effie and her child Mary$975
Book 26 page 399June 20, 1845Joseph WilbornJames MA Drakedeed of trustNegro man named Samuel, about 28. Secured parties Robert Walker and David Coltrane
Book 26 page 472May 24, 1845William FentressJoshua H Fentressbill of saleThree Negro slaves: Silva, about 32; Margaret, 8; and Anderson, 7$600
Book 26 page 475August 10, 1844George StaleyJohn Staleybill of saleNegro man named Lige, about 20$550
Book 26 page 476April 1, 1845Jesse BrayAbel Coxbill of saleboy slave named Alfred between 9 and 10$300
Book 26 page 481April 18, 1844Benjamin BrookshireAbel Coxbill of saleNegro boy named Daniel, about 12; Easter, about 7; and David, about 5$825
Book 26 page 483November 26, 1844Tidance LaneAlfred L Troydeed of trustTwo Negro slaves: boy named Guilford, about 10, and a girl named Harriet, about 5. Secured party John B Troy.
Book 26 page 489October 6, 1845Dolphin GardnerJA Worthdeed of trustNegro man slave named Bill, about 22. Secured parties Noah Smitherman and Alfred Brower
Book 26 page 500December 30, 1844Jane StaffordHiram Staffordbill of saleNegro male named Anson$200
Book 26 page 500December 28, 1844Jane StaffordWilliam Burneybill of saleTwo Negroes, Sawnah and Betty$200
Book 27 page 22January 21, 1846Jesse LarranceJonathan Worthdeed of trustSeven Negroes, Hard, Delsey, Martha, Caroline, Eliza, Mary, and Harriet. Secured party McLaren Lewalling. Trustee is future governor of NC
Book 27 page 24September 23, 1845James PageHugh McCaindeed of trustFour slaves: Aaron, Harvey, Luie, and George.
Book 27 page 36February 5, 1845William M LarrenceR G Murdockbill of saleNegro slaves Selah, about 27, and Sandy, about 4. Grantor indexed as Lawrence$400
Book 27 page 83March 1, 1846Thomas A FutralJohn R Browndeed of trustwoman slave named Nelly
Book 27 page 88February 14, 1846Alexander Gray, Sarah Gray, Elizebeth H Gray, Jesse LindsayJesse Harperbill of saleNegro slave Charles, about 25. Reference to deed January 30, 1815 conveying Fan and Silvey; Silvey is the mother of Charles.$600
Book 27 page 90February 14, 1846Jesse HarperJohn H Lindsay and Robert H Graypartition in kindReference to slaves conveyed on March 5, 1822 from Alexander Gray to Jesse Harper
Book 27 page 122June 15, 1843Polly Cox and Oliver CoxEdmond Haysbill of salenegro man named Willis, about 50, sold at public sale on April 8 of estate of James Cox, deceased$362
Book 27 page 131December 2, 1840Joab ParksThomas Parksbill of saleNegro male named Willis$400
Book 27 page 160November 1, 1846James McMathPeter Eulessdeed of trustone negro man named London, one negro man named [unclear], and other property sold
Book 27 page 180January 4, 1847Liuza Cody and Jane HixNinevah Rushdeed of trustone negro man slave named Isham, commonly called Peyton.
Book 27 page 196August 28, 1845Robert M. Stinson, Oran D. AlstonAdam Browerbill of saleslave named Jack owned by decedent Jesse Bray "exposed to public sale" and sold for $295
Book 27 page 204November 11, 1846George Foust, Sr.Calvin E Graves and Caroline M Gravesdeed of gifttwo negro girls named Hannah and Anne, valued at $800.-
Book 27 page 205November 11, 1846William MatthewsAbel Coxbill of salenegro girl named Lidia, between 12 and 13.$325
Book 27 page 210October 14, 1846George SpencerHenry Yowbill of saleTwo negro slaves, Julia aged about 19 and John, her son, about 6 months. $400
Book 27 page 224April 23, 1847William PoolGarrot Lanedeed of trustthree negroes: Winey about 25, Delvine, a girl about 7, and Moley, a girl about 3.
Book 27 page 255August 3, 1847Margaret RainsJosiah Cheek, trusteedeed of trustslave Winey and her two children, Delphine and Molsey, conveyed in addendum to deed above from William Pool to Josiah Cheek.724
Book 27 page 299September 25, 1847John MannessEli N Moffittdeed of trustnegro girl slave by the name of Franky listed among livestock. Secured party Alfred Brower
Book 27 page 318February 1, 1847Elisha HardisterClement Hardisterdeed of giftGift to son of one sixth part of "Estate of Negroes with their increase": Sarah, Judy, Mary, Lucy, Piety, Jacob, Calvin, Luke, Troy, Linda, and Norry. -
Book 27 page 333July 27, 1847Elizabeth CravenMarshall Gardnerdeed of giftnegro boy slave named Strickling, 12 or 13. -
Book 27 page 354February 2, 1848Sampson B GlennBazella G Worthdeed of trustNegro slaves Rene, Eliza and her children David, Julius, Nelly, Emily, Elizabeth, and Jane. (Which are the children of Eliza is ambiguous.)
Book 27 page 454September 4, 1847JF Marsh, ComissionerHenry B Elliottbill of saleNegro woman named Lydia, about 21, and her child Aseneth, about 3, sold from estate of Jane Hislop. $428
Book 27 page 458May 16, 1848Oran A BurgessB F Hooverdeed of trustNegro woman named Ruth, about 26
Book 27 page 502July 27, 1847Elizabeth CravenRiley D Gardnerbill of salethree negro slaves: one woman named Sucky, 33 or 34; and two children, boy named Nathan, something over 4, and another boy named Aaron, something over 1.$900
Book 28 page 20January 23, 1849Alexander GrayRobert H Graydeed of giftEight Negro slaves: Jacokson, Levi, Silvia and her son Boston, Charlotte, Susan, Nelly and child Lucy. Slaves are to to be used for the benefit of Sarah Elizabeth Hogan, daughter of grantee-
Book 28 page 64April 13, 1841Mary AsbillJohn Howardbill of saleNegro girl named Martha, about 6.$200
Book 28 page 64February 8, 1845Mary AsbillJohn Howardbill of saleNegro boy slave named John, about 8$200
Book 28 page 66March 11, 1844Alfred Brower, administratorJohn Howardbill of salesale of slaves from estate of James Gardner included negro man named Brantly, about 36$516
Book 28 page 137November 6, 1849Samuel TrogdonAbel Coxdeed of trustNegro "girl" (presumably woman) Lidia and child, both slaves.
Book 28 page 142September 25, 1849John CassadyWilliam Cassadydeed of giftFive negro slaves: Rachel, a woman about 62; Cooper, a man about 37, Elijah a man about 27; Sarah a woman about 17 or thereabouts; and Alfred a man about 16. -
Book 28 page 144August 15, 1849John CassadyWilliam Cassadybill of saleThree negro slaves: Jesse, a man about 20; Susanna, a woman about 18; and Nelson, a man about 18.$950
Book 28 page 145July 22, 1848George P HulandStreet A Taylorbill of sale12 Negro slaves from estate of Elisha Hardister sold by attorney in fact Alexander Oliver, representing grantor of Illinois (a free state): Judah, Mary, Joey?, Piety? and child, Jacob, Calvin, Suke, Troy, Linda, Laura, and Norra. Grantor's name also spelled as Hulin. $400
Book 28 page 190March 7, 1850George W FloydJulius Y Goldsberrydeed of trustone negro boy Richard.
Book 28 page 206May 6, 1850Clarysa LaneGarrot Lanebill of sale"my negro woman Winny and her children Benjamin and Andy" sold for $5 and "covenant to maintain me comfortably during the remainder of my life".
Book 28 page 206March 1, 1850John S BrownRichard Laughlinbill of saleCourt appointed commissioner sell a "Boy Riley" heretofore owned by David Brown$625
Book 28 page 206November 6, 1844Jesse BrayOran D Alstonbill of saleElisha, a blacksmith about 42; Joe about 20; Amy about 17 child John Tony; and Mariah about 42$2100
Book 28 page 229June 8, 1850ES LarrenceRiley F Andrewsdeed of trustNegro man named George. Secured party Hezekiah Andrews. Continued on next page
Book 28 page 233June 15, 1850Alexander W HoganAlexander Gray and Jesse Harperdeed of trustSix negro men slaves named Ben, Sandy, Wiley, Henderson, Jim, and Peter; one negro girl named Reas listed, along with real property known as Elder Place, as security for debt. $3000
Book 28 page 238June 6, 1850Emsley LuckEnoch S Lawrencebill of saleNegro man named George, about 27$600
Book 28 page 248March 7, 1848Ivy KeeranRichard Loflinbill of saleNegro girl slave named Oney sold at public sale from estate of Thomas Keeran, deceased. Grantee indexed as Richard Loftin$444.135
Book 28 page 297February 6, 1851William A Hamin and Willis A HalinBenjamin F Coffindeed of trustThree negroes named Maria, Jackson, and Betsey.
Book 28 page 369?Hardy WinslowLeach, Winslow, Leach, DrakeotherPower of attorney for purposes of recovering "certain negroes and their increase (....supposed to be living in Nansemond County", Virginia).
Book 28 page 371June 23, 1851Randal PresnellWilliam B Moffittdeed of trustone negro girl about 12 listed along with real and personal property.
Book 28 page 376March 3, 1851John J GoldstonSarah A Foust, Henry M Foustdeed of giftNegro slaves: William, about 22; China, about 20; Emeline, about 10; and Margaret, about 8.-
Book 28 page 448April 22, 1857John S LaneJohn R Brown, Mary A Browndeed of giftTwo Negro girl slaves, Cynthia, about 10, and Nina, about 8. They are valued at $450-
Book 28 page 457August 17, 1851Riley D GardnerJohn Cassadybill of saleNegro girl slave named Jane, about 13.$545
Book 28 page 534September 3, 1852Isaac White, Jr.J Whitedeed of trustone negro boy (Mills).
Book 28 page 548August 1847Hezekiah Andrews, sheriffIsaac H FoustotherIsham Mataw apparently enslaved for 5 years for failure to pay court-ordered fine. Found in deed index 1776-1947 with description "Negro"$52.67
Book 28 page 560November 19, 1852James and Massa PolkRobert Polkdeed of giftNegro slave named Eliza Ann and her child Benjamin Franklin. Massa Polk specifically retained rights to sell or emancipate the slaves, with the intent that they be sent to Indiana or another free state after she died, unless she decided otherwise. -
Book 29 page 138October 22, 1852James PolkJoshua Swaimbill of salenegro woman slave named Rachel, about 45$250
Book 29 page 268May 7, 1853A. OliverEli Russelldeed of trustNegro woman named Nan mentioned along with real estate. Secured party A H Sanders. Grantor is of Davidson County; grantee and secured party are of Montgomery County
Book 29 page 287September 8, 1852Mary CravenJosaiah Cravenbill of saleNegro man slave named George, 37 or thereabouts, one Negro woman named Rody, 38 and her two children, Lotta, 3 and George, 1. $391.31
Book 29 page 467March 31, 1854Daniel HackneyJames G Marshbill of salegirl named Lucy, about 14$350
Book 30 page 2March 27, 1855Larkin BrooksJohn Parksdeed of gift"three Negroes Milly Lais and Emily" given as gift-
Book 30 page 49February 26, 1853Michael RushRebecah Rushbill of sale"Negro girl slave named dinner four years old or there abouts"$100
Book 30 page 49February 26, 1853Michael RushWashington Rushbill of sale"Negro woman slave named Franky twenty one years old, or there abouts"$300
Book 30 page 50February 26, 1835Michael RushWilliam Rushbill of saleNegro woman slave named Milly about 33$250
Book 30 page 50February 26, 1835Michael RushBenjamin Rushbill of sale"Negro Boy slave named Hill eight years old or there abouts"$220
Book 30 page 118November 8, 1855Thomas M MooreJonathan Worthdeed of trustNegro girl named Ann, about 15. Secured parties H & EJ Lilly and L Myrover & Co. Grantee/trustee is future Governor of NC and is to take possession of Ann as security for the debt
Book 30 page 137January 1, 1855Jesse D GravesCalvin E Gravesbill of salenegro boy named Arnold, about 12. $400
Book 30 page 187May 26, 1855James ScottonAlitha Moffitt, Nancy Campbell, Hannah Brady, Rebecca Moffitt, Arris Williamsdeed of giftNegro slave named Spinks, aquired from grantor's wife Mary Williams Scotton, to be given to Mary's children after the death of James and Mary. Found in deed index 1776-1947, indexed as page 188-
Book 30 page 189February 26, 1855Thomas M MoorePenuel Arnold, Srdeed of trustNegro girl slave named Ann.
Book 30 page 2041856Simion Colton and Catharine E ColtonBartholomew Fullerbill of saleGirl named Ellen, about 8, sold to grantee of Cumberland Co. Missing date; registered April 8, 1856.$205.65
Book 30 page 246January 7, 1856Henry YowSoloman Moffittbill of salewoman named Eliza, about 27, and her three children: boy named John, about 8; girl named Jane, about 6; and boy named Jim, about 14 months.$1750
Book 30 page 258December 29, 1854Riley D GardnerCalvin E Gravesbill of sale4 slaves: a negro woman named Susan, 36; and children Mary, Marshal, and an infant, ages 6, 4 and 2 months. $1200
Book 30 page 271January 3, 1856John McLoeodNathan B Hillbill of saleNegro slave named Noah, about 16. $650
Book 30 page 271March 5, 1855John McLoedNathan B Hillbill of saleNegro slave named Demsey, about 17.$650
Book 30 page 272July 1, 1854John McLeodNathan B Hillbill of saleNegro boy slave named Eli aged about 18.$650
Book 30 page 286February 7, 1853Henry W DorsettGeorge W Dorsettbill of saleslave named Harrison about 7 years old$300
Book 30 page 287May 24, 1837Henry W DorsettGeorge W Dorsettdeed of giftSlave named Taylor, previously "set apart for the use & support of my insane son Abner", to be given as gift to other son George after Abner's death-
Book 30 page 351September 10, 1856Henry DorsettGeorge W Dorsettbill of saleNegro girl named Unice, about 1$300
Book 30 page 354May 7, 1856Elizabeth FousheeJohn R Cravenbill of saleTwo Negro female slaves, Chaney and Carolina, 10 and 12, granted by feeble and infirm grantor in consideration of lifetime support.
Book 30 page 356October 27, 1856Jesse G TomlinsonEli N Moffittbill of saleNegro boy Henderson about 7 and girl Jane about 4.$850
Book 30 page 404November 17, 1856William IngramNancy Jane Watsondeed of giftTwo negro slaves: Stephen, 10, and Melinda, 13.-
Book 30 page 405November 17, 1856William IngramAnn Eliza Kearnsdeed of giftTwo negro slaves: Dow, 18 and Rainy, 17, given as gift to daughter. -
Book 30 page 485May 12, 1846JA Moore, BL Beall, Ina FitzgeraldJames Elliottbill of saleTwo Negro boys: John, about 15, and Burrell, about 12. Found by deed index 1776-1947$800
Book 30 page 488May 29, 1857David CampbellBG Campbell and CF Campbellbill of saleone Negro slave girl named Susan Caroline, about 10$500
Book 31 page 57December 2, 1857Pleasant A HoltWilliam Longdeed of trustContinued from previous page. Deeply indebted grantor from Alamance County sells real estate, including the Island Ford Cotton Factory, and personal property and slaves Thomas, Moses, Winiford, Amy, Charlotte, Adaline, Bedford, Dinah, and Jimmy; as well as any proceeds from the sending of eight other slaves to Tennessee for sale by Alfred Pike and Rhemas C. Faust: Nathaniel, Joseph, Ester, Sawna, Willis, Amelia, Martha, and Bob.
Book 31 page 93March 23, 1857Riley F .VestalAbel CoxotherPower of attorney for collecting proceeds of Negro woman and child sold as ordered by Randolph County Court for next of kin of Stephen Phillips, deceased.
Book 31 page 99March 13, 1857Joseph H PHillipsJoseph Spoonpartition by salePower of attorney for recovering share ($345.68) of proceeds from sale of Negro woman named Hetty[unclear] and her child Eli. Grantor is of Lykins County, Kansas.
Book 31 page 128March 17, 1856Benjamin H Marley, Lydia MarleyJohn D BrownotherPower of attorney relating to two negro slaves, Bine and Gaurdan, in the estate of Eli Bray, deceased.
Book 31 page 209July 31, 1858William S MarshAlfred H Marshdeed of trustone Negro woman named Mary and her three children Laura, Fannell, and Mary.
Book 31 page 229August 9, 1838Alexander GrayAbner Graybill of salePeter and his wife Eliza and their youngest child, Milton, Calvin, Kelly, Ned, Simon, Charles, George. They were previously owned by the father of the grantor and grantee, Samuel Gray.
Book 31 page 249October 12, 1858William LewisIsaac Kuransdeed of trustnegro girl named Luzina, about 5
Book 31 page 256November 2, 1858John R LaneIsaac H Foustdeed of trusta boy named Leonard about 7 or 8, Margaret about 5, and Mary nearly 2 named as security for a debt. Secured party is grantee
Book 31 page 258October 27, 1858John S CheekJosiah Cheekdeedgrantee "shall use & work my negroes on said lands for my [grantor's] own benefit"
Book 31 page 338April 26, 1838Thomas BrooksHenry J Parks and Susan Ann Elizabeth Parksdeed of giftWoman slave, Mana, about 20 or 21; her two children, Mary & Eliza; Lvar, about 12. Valued at $1250.-
Book 31 page 349January 10, 1859Joab BrooksIsaac H Faustdeedreference to deed from Larkin Brooks to John Parks conveying property including "three negroes & stocks of horses, cattle & hogs" on March 27, 1855; as well as transfer of the same property on (blank) September, 1858 from John Parks to Joab Brooks. Unclear if this deed itself is transferring slaves.
Book 31 page 352December 10, 1858Jacob CravenGeorge Dorsettdeed of giftnegro woman named Charlotte, about 30. Described as gift to daughter, Henrietta Euless, but not to be used to pay debts of daughter's husband.-
Book 31 page 359January 20, 1858Thomas L. Cotton, P HarrisWilliam Casadybill of saleAuction sale in Montgomery County of "sundry slaves" in the estate of N. Harris, deceased, including Sandy and Steadman, 14 and 12 or thereabouts.$972
Book 31 page 3591858DH HowardWilliam Casadybill of saleNegro girl slave named Jane, about 4. Bill of sale execution date appears to be missing; indexed as 1858; registered March 22, 1859$305
Book 31 page 424June 1, 1859William D KingJR Bulladeed of trustNegro girl named Lucy. Secured parties Daniel Cox, Nicholas Barker, William Craven, Joel Ashworth, JM Worth & son, Nathan B Hill, William Luck, Jordan Williams, Jesse D Cox, Yancey Williams, BF Hoover, HB Elliott, B Moffitt, James Gatlin, Goodman Cornelison, Cummins King, and Moring Creason.
Book 31 page 431June 13, 1859Hyram YourkPickney Davenport, Alfred Smithdeed of trustTwo Negroes, David and Mariah. Grantor also spelled York. Secured party Alfred Smith
Book 31 page 437July 4, 1859Raford ColeWillis Coledeed of trustA person listed among personal property: "...one two horse wagon and harness, one negro man named Jacob, one buggy and harness..."
Book 31 page 494?Joseph SpurginJohn S Brown, Lonetha M Brownbill of sale"Family of Negroes": mother Lucy, children Milla, Alson, Robert, Swititia, Julian. $2
Book 31 page 523June 11, 1859Jesse H. Lindsay, Robert A. GrayJulius A. Graypartition in kindEstate of Sarah H. Gray (deceased) divided: negro man slave named David, about 28.
Book 31 page 523June 11, 1859Jesse H. Lindsay, Robert A. GrayWilliam D. Lindsaypartition in kindEstate of Sarah H. Gray (deceased) divided: negro man slave named Alfred about 34.
Book 31 page 524June 11, 1859Jesse H. Lindsay, Robert A. GrayAlfred G Fosterpartition in kindEstate of Sarah H. Gray (deceased) divided: negro man slave named Henry, about 43
Book 32 page 5February 18, 1860David MerrillJM Worthdeed of trustman named Sampson listed along with personal property used to secure various debts. Trustee is presumably John Milton Worth, younger brother of Jonathan and himself future treasurer of North Carolina
Book 32 page 55March 12, 1860Lindsay (Various heirs)Robert H GraydeedLand was left in the will of the late Jesse Harper to two slaves, "servant man Hardy and his wife Ritty". When "Negro Hardy" and Ritty moved to the free state of Ohio, as contemplated in the will, the land is sold to the highest bidder.
Book 32 page 60April 6, 1860Zimry McDanielWilliam P Lanedeed of trustNegro woman about 31. Also mention of hire of Negro Boy named Frank and hire of Negro Harris.
Book 32 page 96June 25, 1860deed of trustreferencing a deed of trust naming woman slave named Lucy, who was previously sold; interest sold to Jonathan Worth
Book 32 page 203August 29, 1860Alfred BrowerMary Asbillbill of saleNegro child named Sarah sold as provided in the will of Polly Asbill.$200
Book 32 page 205September 29, 1860Alfred BrowerWilliam Asbillbill of saleWill of Polly Asbill, deceased, ordered Negro child Lydia Ann to be put up to auction.$200
Book 32 page 210January 30, 1861Jeremiah S BrayJohn R Lanedeed of trustNegro woman between 35 and 40 named Mariah; negro man named William about 21; Negro woman Lydia about 19; Negro man Essex about 17; Negro girl Seak about 15; Negro boy named Julian? about 13; Negro girl named Catherine about 11; Negro boy named Jim about 9; Negro boy named Nuk about 7; Negro girl named Neneda about 5; Negro girl Hannah about 3 listed along with real and personal property as securities for debts. Various secured parties.
Book 32 page 234December 1, 1845Leah O. SteedMartin Hopkinsbill of saleNegro girl named Caroline, 5 years 6 months, sold at auction. Reference to book 20 page 59, perhaps of Montgomery County.$150
Book 32 page 289July 9, 1861Eli WallaceJames Pageapprenticeship bondApprenticeship of Eli Wallace, free Negro.
Book 32 page 355November 2, 1861David CampbellJohn B. Campbellbill of salewoman slave named Nancy Ann about 18 and her child about 3 months old $500
Book 32 page 371January 19, 1862Duncan DavisHardy Browndeed of trustNegro man named Joshua included along with real property. Secured party Alfred Brower.
Book 32 page 383April 7, 1862Ormond F. LongWilliam J. Longbill of salefifth part interest in "land and negroes and personal property of the late John Long" conveyed: Joseph, Bob, Hard, Madison, Bud, Mat, Isaac, John, Lolly, Robert, Betty, Larok, Polly, Abby, Mary & child, young Betty & Albert.
Book 32 page 507December 24, 1862John L CheekJno' C Jacksondeed of trustunnamed Negroes conveyed along with all estate and possessions, to be held in trust
Book 33 page 91December 14, 1863Charles Hoover, trusteeEliza J. Brown, Joseph C. Brown, John W Charles BrowndeedSlaves from Estate of Joseph Spurgen: Harrison, 33; Milly, 31; Lorak, 12; Lucinda, 9; Alsan, 29; Robert, 27; Letitia, 23; Frank, 7, Alexander; 21; Julian, 19; Lucy, 8; Ellison, 1 year 7 months; and Norman, 19. These are the descendants of Negro slave Luce, who was conveyed in trust Davidson County to Charles Hoover on November 8, 1830. Also referenced is Davidson County book 4, page 771 from Joseph Spurgen to Laretta Matilda Mack, now deceased, the mother of the grantees.
Book 33 page 100November 4, 1863John CassadyWilliam Cassadybill of saleNegro woman Jane about 24 and her daughters, Mary about 6 and Hannah about 2. Date looks like 1868 but is presumably 1863; the document was registered in 1864 before the end of the war.$2100
Book 33 page 136June 18, 1864WellbornWellborn (various)partition in kindMan Ed, 33; Grun [unclear]; Isaac, 22; Cornelia, 20, and child aged 6 months
Book 33 page 137January 1, 1859Alexander GrayJulius A Graydeed of giftNegro woman named Elvira, about 33, and her daughter Emma Victoria, about 14-
Book 33 page 137November 29, 1858Sarah H GrayLetty H Foster, Alfred G Foster, Julius A Gray, Robert H Graypartition in kindDivision of slaves of Sarah H Gray, late of Randolph County. Bob to Alfred G. Foster; Alfred, Jude and Laura (child of Jude) to Julius A. Gray; Sylvia, Lena, and Louisa to Robert H Gray.
Book 33 page 137December 10, 1856Alexander GrayJulius A Graydeed of giftNegro slave Henry, a blacksmith by trade, aged 34; Franklin aged 33; Simeon aged 30; Cornelius aged 18.-
Book 33 page 150December 30, 1859Alexander GrayJulius A. Graydeed of giftThree Negro man slaves: Joe, 25; Wiley, 20; Van Buren, 18. Grantee is presumably https://www.ncpedia.org/biography/gray-julius-alexander-
Book 33 page 151January 1, 1864Martha E. Gray, Julius A. GrayMartha A. Gray et alpartition in kindDivision of slaves of R.H. Gray, deceased. To Martha, widow: Charles, William, Jere, Lylar, Mary, Henry, Loudy, Alfred, Catharine, Corinna, Lucinda, and Douglas. To children: Negro slaves Hardee, Turner, Moses, George, Frances, Victoria, Yever, and Louisa and child.